Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today is THE Day!

How I decided to get another horse went something like this:
Jim: Jen I think I'd like to try riding with you some time. Do you think I could get on Bonnie and give it a try?

Me: Hunny you are 6'3 and 290 lbs. My little Bonnie can't hold you.

Jim: Well do you think one of your friends will let me get on their horse?

Me: Jim, I love you and I want your first experience to be positive, so no I'm not letting you get on anyone else's horse

So it was dropped for a bit - then I asked him if he was still interested he said "yes, why?"

If you are horse crazy your mind distorts words others say .. for example my horsey brain took his comment "I'd like to try to ride with you sometime" and turned in into "Yes dear, you can buy another horse just make it big".

Jump ahead a few months and I bring Rosie home.

Jim's been grooming, some ground work, asking questions. Then last night he asked if I was riding after work today. I said "Kids not home this evening, no rain and 70 F, YES I'm riding, why?"

He said "I'm ready to get on her back and walk around the yard" I looked at him and saw the nervous conviction in his eyes - he's ready but his brain is also saying Rosie is a whole lot of horse to be your first. I know Rosie will be fine....

To Be Continued ...

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  1. Wonderful that your husband wants to ride with you. Mine has absolutely no interest in riding. But he does help with barn chores, and that's nice. I hope Jim's first ride on Rosie goes well. Can't wait to hear about it. Be a good girl Rosie.


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