Sunday, September 13, 2009


What a relief it was to me to show up at the barn this morning to a galloping and bucking Bonnie. While she shows a great deal of stiffness in the leg, and there is still a bit of heat and swelling she obviously is well on her way in healing.

She continued her antics while Jim and I cleaned out the trailer as I was too tired to do it yesterday evening and time constraints only permitted me to make sure Rosie was properly cared for after her long ride and nothing else.

Then when I went out into the pasture to feed carrots to everyone (there was about a 3 pound bag of whole carrots in the gift basket I won) she very diligently and in true Bonnie fashion kicked up her heels and ran from me when I attempted to pat her shoulder while she was taking the carrot from my hand.


  1. Glad to hear she is not injured seriously, and is kicking up and running!

  2. Well now, she was talking pretty big with all that kicking up! Good..glad to hear of the energetic response. You are a good horse mom!

  3. KK an Regina - Thank you! Bonnie is a turd when it comes to letting humans catch her in the field. Some days no issues- other days its run as fast as she can. She's not herd bound and has always been this way. Cracks me up.

    I've got a method now that involves NO running if I truly want to catch her. Take a scoop of oats out with me. Give a small bit to the Karat her pasture buddy, Make some noise with the oats in the scoop as I walk toward. I give her about 4 or 5 oats in my hand and then walk away. Out toward the center of the pasture. If she starts to follow me I turn and give her a few more oats. Rinse repeat... drape rope over her neck and she thinks she's caught and the fun and games are over. She get's the last large handful of oats after halter goes and and lead is secure.

    Bonnie has this attitude with all humans, kids, adults, strangers, the person who feeds her. She doesn't care at all. But once you have just a rope on her she's the sweetest mare ever. Maybe something in her past happened I don't know.


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