Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ride-A-Thon Success!

Yesterday I participated in a Ride-a-Thon for a local equine charity. All proceeds go to fund special needs adults and children riding programs.

I raised $210 in pledges and was the highest pledge earner. For this they gave me this HUGE gift basket full of all sorts of horsie goodies.

I was riding with Jodie, my barn buddie, and Nancy one of Jodie's students. Jodie was riding Nordic a 3 year old Halflinger, and Nancy was on Tucker another Haflinger. My daughter was to ride with us too but because Bonnie hurt herself there wasn't another horse she felt comfortable riding. I suggested I'd give up Rosie to her and she said NO WAY! That makes me laugh because of the two Rosie is the least excitable.

The day was perfect, starting out in a real sand arena warming up. Jodie paid me a great compliment after watching me go around a couple of times. "Jeni there's a show tomorrow let's go you are ready!" That made me feel so good, but I want more arena work as I don't know the tests.

I forgot my camera so I got very few pictures. I wasn't all that comfortable taking pictures on horse back with my iPhone but I got a few. This one of Jodie laying on Nordic's neck tying his PINK fly mask thing back on after it slipped over his eyes.

View from Rosie's back:

Nothing but smiles:

All in all great ride except Rosie decided that a 1 foot step down into a mucky ditch and up a hill was too much to. This was at the end of the ride, we were about 15 minutes walk from the trailers. Jodie and I fought with this horse for about 4o minutes there just was no going over. Unbelievable considering she walked through a river twice without batting an eye.


  1. They pick and choose their fear objects!

    Great ride for a nice cause.Sounds like me too with the arena stuff...I like to be studied up myself as well.
    Have fun!

  2. Looks like you had a very nice ride, despite Rosie's tantrum at the end. That ditch must have looked scary to her for some reason. And congrats on earning all that pledge money!

  3. I shouldn't laugh about her not wanting to go past that "obstacle" but it could have been worse, it was a situation almost just like that where I broke my foot... lol, what a stinker.

  4. KK - it surprises me what makes them stop... I'll be doing lots of "ditch" riding this week.

    Once Upon an Equine - this place we rode at is 600 acres in total all private owned and strictly for horses. It's not typically opened to the public though, you have to be a member of the foundation to use it. Jodie works for the foundation part time as an instructor so we get invited to their rides. I'm hoping to be invited back next year was such fun!

    Ouch Pony! What I learned is - -Rosie got the worse a"humane" human can give her from her back and she would NOT buck or rear. So it was not a total loss we learned a lot about each other and I've gained so much trust in this horse.

  5. We just cannot predict what these horses are going to react to, can we? Mine has done some pretty gutsy stuff out on the trail, only to freak out over a butterfly going by....Congrats on winning the goodie basket! Your horses are going to love it!

  6. A horse trainer friend said it might have been the cloudy water and her view. I have to remember she is so much farther from the ground the most other horses, including the ones I was riding with. It's very possible in her horsey eye that it looked like an endless pit that was going to eat us.


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