Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Emergency Vet Call

Bonnie managed to get into something, or something got to her...

Large wound on the front of her left hock. Very swollen and was still bleeding when she came up for breakfast. There are a few smaller but equally frightening cuts down the front of the shank.

This is her leg after cold hosing for 30 minutes, scrubbing with surgical scrub, drying and putting antibiotic ointment on it.

Close up:
(pics enlarge if clicked)

Vet said everything is superficial and the joint is ok. She has a lot of swelling and heat. Gave us antibiotics and Bute. Suggested she stay turned out over being stalled which both her and I are more than OK with that. She HATES being stalled for any length of time. He even said I could ride her Saturday for the Ride-a-Thon. I made the decision to not take her. I don't want to stress her or that leg.


  1. I'm glad it's only superficial. Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks so much for the compliment.

  2. Pony - yah she definately lets me know it hurts. She's a naughty mare when it comes catching in the pasture. Normal behavior is sniffing grain in hand, then turning her nose up and running off in a huff. Once I get a rope slung over her neck though she's fine. Right now she turns her nose up and then just turns away. Won't even trot for me.

    Nuzzling Muzzles - me too! She's stiff on the leg but not full blown lame I think that's why the vet said it would be ok to take her tomorrow. But there are approx 600 acres of trails and I planned on being out until I walk strange.. LOL

  3. Thankfully it is not real serious. How on earth do they do these things to themselves? I still have no idea what Divna cut her eyelid on that day 6 years ago -- it was that eyelid cut that led to her losing the eye last year....

  4. They do find trouble don't they

  5. Oh drat it all!
    Washashe mare swells terribly with stuff like that. I have an "Ice horse" velcro system that works well, adds no bacteria.
    I hope she stays outa trouble and heals up! Mine also hates the stalled up thing..but hers has attached run now, and that seems to calm her down for being cooped up.

    Be well Bonnie mare~

  6. I was looking into getting a couple of those for the girls to add to my "first aid kit" at the barn. This brings to light another post topic!


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