Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beads and More Beads

This Saturday I'm riding in a ride-a-thon at Greenacres Foundation. I've been diligently collecting pledges toward my day's ride and have been fairly successful. All proceeds from this event go to fund programs for under privileged kids and special needs individuals to learn about equine care and riding. I'm so excited about this as it will be the first time I'll have Rosie out on trails. I can't wait.

The other part of this event is a tack swap/craft sale. So I've been busy making rhythm beads and mane clips. Here are some pictures of a few of the things I've made so far. The pictures don't really do them justice but I don't really have a clue on how to photograph them correctly.

Blue Beads on braided hemp with sterling silver pieces:

Sterling Frogs with Green and White beads on Leather:

This one I feel is the prettiest of what I've made so far. Not sure if I want to sell it or not. I made it draft size just incase I decide to keep it *grins*

I made several mane clips like this:

I also thought this little fairy I found was very pretty so I made rhythm beads for myself:

Rosie's beads:

I'm also going to sell my two wide tree all purpose saddles, a couple of western head stalls, and some other odds and ends that I have. I'm hoping to make enough to put with my gift card my husband bought me for my bday from the local tack store so I can buy a new Wintec 2000 All Purpose with the gullet change system.


  1. Ohhhh I love the pretty one with the silver feathers!

    I want a wintec with the gullet change system. Any saddle I buy now that fits Brego likely won't fit him in two years so I hate to spend the money but I can't keep riding him in that tiny thing. Being able to change gullets would be niiiiceeeee.....

  2. OH! Love your work there and I am thinking of the interchangeable gullet now for me and the mare for trails. She has really developed past our two saddles and I may even need a Crupper.

    I really want some Rhythm Beads! Maybe you could tell me the "How-to's" of making a set for my Mare? Length and stuff like that.?

  3. Nice necklaces! I need to practice more tieing knots with fishing line. I use small semi precious stones for mine and the holes are very small, so I use nylon fish line. Tieing knots in that stuff is tricky, I need way more practice! LOL
    Rosie's necklace looks beautiful on her!


Happy Trails!