Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Got A Ride In

I finally managed to get a ride in after work today. Between life's schedules and weather riding time has been almost non-existent. Today I decided I was riding come hell or high water, and considering the amount of rain we've had it was "high water" in places.

I decided it was time for Bonnie to get back to work after her month off due to the leg injury she sustained back in September. While she still has a pretty large scab that is slowly shrinking; she's had no swelling or heat in the muscle or joint for a couple of weeks.

First order of business is catching Bonnie which usually is a challenge. Tonight however she was complaint once I got Rosie out of the way. Here is a picture of both Rosie and Bonnie together. Quality is kind of bad because I'm using my iPhone and moving backwards so I can get Rosie in the frame and not just her muzzle.

Having been queen of the pasture and watching the other horses get their daily work outs Ms. Bonnie was full of fire always on alert for rouge paper or shadows that are sure to eat us. She had me laughing at what stupid things she was spooking on. I snapped this one as she was giving a bird on the fence "The Eye".

Good news is that she is completely sound and moves normally without stiffness under saddle. I asked for on the bit and round at walk and working trot and we did side passes both directions with out issues, not even head tossing. The ground is extremely wet and we were leaving pretty deep holes in some places so I did not ask for a canter this time out. I like to keep her shoes on her feet if ya know what I mean.

She gave me everything I asked for and she is so out of condition I kept the ride short with lots of walking. As you can see she was extremely interested in the way back to the barn.

And before I was completely out of light this evening I wanted to show ya'll my new Wintec 500 All Purpose saddle with the easy change gullet system. I got one heck of a deal on it as Wintec has discontinued this model. I picked it up at a local tack stores anniversary sale for $280


  1. Great ride!!! I so wish I could ride!! The weather here is still so bad there is no way I can work with my trouble maker!! I'm hoping for a good ride this weekend!

  2. Good for you! I hate it when schedules and/or weather cut into riding time..Glad to hear she didn't act up after not being ridden in a while. I had to laugh about her "spooking" at strange things -- my horse does the same thing. Sometimes it is funny to see the harmless things they perceive as potential threats. Great deal on the saddle!! Congrats!

  3. Thank you all --- I'm feeling the 30 minute ride as well! But it's a sore I love.

    Pony -- When I went to their sale their saddles were not discounted at all. But I happened to know that Wintec sometimes runs "manufacture" sales. So I asked if there were any specials going on with wintec. They looked up on computer and saw the saddle was discontinued, and they already had the new models in.

  4. Oh... Excuse the non-matching stirrup leathers. Those are off my old all purpose saddle. They are fairly expensive Corbett leathers and just in need of a good cleaning. Then I'll use leather dye and blacken them so they match.


Happy Trails!