Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Progress For Both Of Us

I've owned Bonnie for about 4 years now and it's not always been a perfect match but I can say that she is finally becoming a "finished" horse and a joy to ride.

Her and I have learned this whole Dressage thing together. For me I knew basics, I knew balanced and round with contact but from a Western Pleasure show world. Poor Bonnie knew how to trail ride, stand still when told to, and nothing blew her mind except white paper. Oh - she had three gaits: walk, trot and run like hell.

Where she benefits is I'm a "by feel" rider. Once I know the feel I've got it. And I can learn by watching others ride and my "mind rides".

These pictures are dark, because well it's dark outside, but a girls gotta ride!

Sitting Trot - not enough leg:

Posting Trot - enough leg finally:

And a movie. I've never posted a video of me riding before but I feel I've progressed far enough that it's time. Bonnie has had about 2 months off from work and is very out of shape so she has a hard time holding her back up and staying round for me as I push her just a bit farther. So she'll go round and collected for a bit then break it. I imagine her muscles have to be burning and legs like jello. She tries so hard to hold it for as long as I ask though.

There is a great side pass in there as well as a battle for correct lead. I finally got it and called it a night. What I noticed in this movie compared to movies that will remain forever vaulted is my hands are quiet. Not bouncy and all over the place of which I'm sure my forgiving mare is very happy about. Dressage hands and Western Pleasure hands are so very different it was very hard for me to make that transition.


  1. ...looks good Jen! I think your Bonnie loves you!

  2. Well for having 2 months off she did great!! Great ride!

  3. I'd say she did pretty good for having had the time off!


Happy Trails!