Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tones of "Joy"

No I have not be absent from blogging because I've been out riding the country side on my beloved steeds.

Sunday - spent wonderful day at Ren Fest with entire family - bought Butterfly Wings to wear and had a Joyful day. Joy!!!

Monday - Husband and Youngest son went back to work/school after having H1N1 last week. Joy!!

Monday - realize that all water from kitchen sink (and dishwasher) is ending up on the floor in the basement. Also realize that all water from Washing Machine is ending up on floor in basement. Joy.

Discover water on floor is because of clogged drain.. some where... so not horribly bad.. but still.

Husband decides "DYI Plumber" is in order first and buys a 25 foot power auger for $40. We auger... It hits "something" ... Auger breaks. Joy.

Call Plumber - meet plumber at house Tuesday at 3pm. Plumber looks at it and said "I can try to auger it - but most likely not going to work. Suggest "Jet the pipes". I said "Fix it". He said "ok". He says "I have to all another plumber - one who has the Jet machine thing". I said "FIX IT". He calls second plumber who comes with wonder jet plumbing pipe power washer thingie. $599 later and I can do dishes and laundry with dry floor. Joy!

Tuesday - because I'm home early from work to meet said plumber decide to treat Brady to a ride home from school. Show up and see him SMOKING A CIGARETTE. Where I come from there are laws against beating your kid in front of witnesses... So I just scream then cry.

Today - Husband was handed a 4 weeks severance package and "terminated" after 19 years with the company.



  1. Except for riding the countryside your week sounds like it really sucked. Hope things get better quickly.

  2. (((hug))) smack that kid for me as soon as no one is looking.

  3. When it rains "joy" it pours "joy". I'm soryy so many things have hit you at once. Each alone is discouraging. I hope things get better very soon.

  4. Oh my GOODNESS I am so sorry to hear of all these problems!!! First off that's an absolutely ridiculous price to fix your plumbing!! Secondly I hope you smacked Brady hard enough to knock some sense into him (when you got home of course) and I'm so sorry to hear that your Husband lost his job... 19 years and they treat him like that... Total crap... Wow I will definitely be praying for your family,,

  5. Thank you everyone... It's life but it does not need to be all in the same week now does it?


Happy Trails!