Monday, November 9, 2009

Boarding Info

Ok guys I need some help. All of us are horse owners and most of us have or are experiencing the joys of boarding.

I've worked the dollars out on this venture I believe it's doable but what I need is some 'market' research.

I will be going to the local tack stores and talking to everyone I know locally who boards but I wanted to get some input from you guys as well.

1. When looking at a boarding facility what is the first thing you look for?

2. What amenities are important to be included in board (aside from feed/water/turnout/stall cleaning)

3. If an indoor arena is not available, just an outdoor what is the max you would be willing to pay per month?

4. If indoor arena is available, what is the max you've paid or would be willing to pay?


Thank you everyone.


  1. 1. Safety & Cleanliness
    2. Tack storage, arena, roundpen, access to trails, horse trailer parking, wash stall, trainers available or welcome, organized activities (trail rides, clinics), 24x7x365 onsite management.
    3. & 4. Probably varies by location. In my area a stable with 12 x 12 stall with indoor and outdoor arenas starts at $395.00/month

  2. I have never had to board, thank heavens, but I would have to say I totally agree with Once Upon's #1--Safety and Cleanliness!!!! And honesty. Providing what is contracted for. #2 I would agree with also. That said, there are people who would rather not have all that hoo-ha going on and there are those who love it.

  3. Definately safety and quality of their hay!

  4. phaedra96 makes a good point. I attended a clinic held at a boarding stable and some boarders were eager to participate while others got really angry about sharing "their" facility with "outsiders".

  5. Thanks everyone. Keep the info coming. I've almost got my proposal put together... I am also trying to finance an additional amount to immediately build an indoor arena.

    As for quality of hay/pasture. The pastures (7 total) are a mixture of alfalfa, orchard grass, and oats. The "hay field" is only 15 acres so I'm going to put in more paddocks but the hay field is the same mixture as the existing paddocks.

    I currently get great quality hay for my mares, I learned a long time ago that low quality feed costs you more in the long run. I feed both my mares a mixture of oats and flaxseed oil. They do not get sweet feed as it has way too much sugar for Drafts and Bonnie does not need the added calories from sugar either.

    As for trainer on site. Here my boarders will be very lucky. Jodie, my friend who I share rent on the private I'm at, is a level 4 Dressage rider, and has a degree in Equine Business Management and Riding. She also has a many lesson clients already. She's already accepted "Barn Manager\trainer" position if this goes through.

    This is not a high end show barn but it's clean and safe. My goal is to provide a clean and safe place with high quality care for the horses. Kind of a family type place.

  6. OK so I am many days late LOL!! Still trying to play catch up!! Sounds like you have got some good plans going!!

    I would say first and foremost is safety and cleanliness but also one might judge the condition's of the other horses... I have never boarded but my SIL in TX does and they have the option to feed their horses themselves or allow the stable to feed for them. If they opt to feed themselves then they get a discounted rate. Also they have the option for horses to be in stalled/turnout area's or straight pasture with other horses at a lower cost and less maintenance. OK let's see what else...OH I also agree with having a trainer available to give lessons, you may find more parents who want to board their childrens horses and get them lessons. Umm a Vet on call, a farrier that comes out x amount of times a month/year however you set it up, also I know that alot of stables have Equine Chiropractor's that come on rotation as well. I also think an area (roundpen) that a boarder can work their horses in is a must!! Also I don't know how your area is but I know alot of stables have someone who runs a "drill team" and the kids typically try out and then they compete at area competitions (again I don't know if your area does that type of thing)..

    As far as price I would be no help to you LOL!! In the city I used to be in before moving to the middle of no where LOL, they charged only $125.00 a month and they had all of the arena set ups and trail access and they fed them...But like I said it was a smaller town so things are cheaper!!

  7. First let me say that I have no idea what board is going for these days but I do know what you should expect for your money. Having run a boarding facility for a few years I know that the first order of business is to make sure the horses and owners have a safe, clean and friendly place to board. The feed should be exactly what your horse eats and you should check out how the horses boarded look. Are they happy or miserable, do they look unhealthy etc...

    You should know all the rules of the barn before you sign anything, for example: is there a charge for blanketing, bandaging,holding horse for farrier etc...How much turnout does the horse get/require. In other words everything that you and your horse require should be stated up front. You should also know the rules concerning the arenas and hours of operation.

    If you're interested I did a few posts a while back you might get some information from they are in the archives. July 4 and July 8th 2008. Good luck.

  8. Thanks Grey Horse Matters great info!!!!!!


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