Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear God Part II

God, I asked if I could turn up the temperature just a tiny bit and you graced us with a beautiful blanket of pristine snow.

It's pretty, I do love the beauty that is you displayed in this wonderful snow... but...

If it MUST snow please grace mankind with the ability to drive with common sense.

Please and Thank You.


  1. I'll have to agree with you on this one. Snow,ice and bad weather in general seems to get all the nuts out on the road. Defensive driving takes on a whole new meaning.

  2. We got 4 inches of snow last week...all in about four hours time in the middle of the day... without it being for casted! That threw everyone OFF! Employers let people go early and all descended upon the roads an highways and WHOA>>>wreck city it was. A insurance heyday/nightmare!

    I left work and had 4 miles to get home...took 2 hours and I actually had to park the care and walk up my avoid being an insurance claim also>>>was fun, and good exercise.
    Still praying for you!!!
    Thanks for being such a lovely friend here and all the sweet comments dear!
    Love your Header!

  3. I'm just bypassing this whole season and praying for Spring LOL!!!!

  4. I hear ya! If it could just be around freezing it would feel balmy out:)

  5. That is a good one. Snow or not, I am seeing lots of nuts on the roadways these days. But that's because I repented after receiving my 2nd speeding ticket in 2.5 months and I'm driving the speed limit carefully and angering other impatient motorists on the road.

  6. I'm with ya, it's sunny and cold in WI too! Hoping for an early spring.

  7. Hi Aurora welcome to my blog! Early spring would be awesome but doubt it!

    Once Upon an Equine - LOL Slow down girl!!!

    Jen - above freezing would work for me!

    City girl turned Country - pray hard... pray hard

    KK - We have those days here in Cincinnati too. Every time it snows.. even a little big. I was born and raised in Northern Michigan so I am easily annoyed with the traffic silliness here.

    Gray Horse Matters - LOL !


Happy Trails!