Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Dog Days of Snow Days!

To cold to hike through the woods today Chase - sorry boy.

Let's Play!

Libby says "MINE!"


  1. Aww, pretty dogs. My weiner dogs hate the snow, granted it's mostly due to them being short.

  2. At least they found something to play with so they're not as bored. It's too cold for humans to be out in this freeze.

  3. Looks like those two aren't going to let the weather but a damper on their fun. Dogs are such positive critters.

  4. ...what on earth are they playing with? They look like they're having a blast! Your prayers to God were cute. I think he's going to come through for you today!

    I haven't seen the cardinals at work. I'll have to watch for them. Maybe I could tuck a few sunflower seeds away in those huge urns! That will bring them in! ;-)

  5. Kelly - they are playing with a blue monkey that you stuff an empty soda or water bottle into.

    Once Upon an Equine - man do they ever play.. and play.. and play

    Grey Horse - Chase and I do a fair amount of hiking and cold doesn't really seem to bother him much, but it sure does me!


Happy Trails!