Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Search Is Over

I mentioned a bit ago that I was going to have to move my horses because of the property I'm currently renting with my friend was no longer going to be available to us.

Well after much stress and thought, and more stress I've decided to back to public boarding barn.

I had a couple of requirements beyond the obvious.. clean and safe. Having a draft horse I was looking for place with draft experience, maybe at least one other heavy draft in the barn. Free trailer storage. Closes to trails.

And the MOST important.. NO DRAMA.

I know I've found the place that fits all but the drama aspect. That is still yet to be determined.

I came sort of "un-announced". I talked to the barn owner yesterday for a good bit of time on the phone. I asked "What evening this week is good for me to stop by?" She said "Any". So this evening I called and asked "is tonight a good night to come out and talk?" when I was 15 minutes away. I got a "Absolutely!"

So this place has all the things you would expect - indoor arena, outdoor arena, tack room, restroom, heated lounge etc... BUT it also has walk on access 100 acres of maintained trails !!!!

I was also very very pleased to see, not one, but 3 heavy drafts in this barn. All with shiny coats, nice feet, and perfect weight. One of the drafts owners was there and I got a chance to talk to her off alone. She is very happy with the care of her draft and couldn't say enough about the place.

When I asked what they fed she said no sweet feed - it's a 12% Pellet, up to 1 bale of hay per horse per day + any supplements I provide. Very low sugar and starch feed meets my feed requirements.

I will be moving Rosie and Bonnie on Sunday. I'm not obligated to give anyone a 30 day notice or anything where I'm at now. My friend who owns the property is actually relieved as now he can do what he needs without effecting me negatively.

My new horsie home is Triple S Equine


  1. Looks like a fabulous place! You'll have to share pictures with us of all the fabulous trail rides you go on. And how fun to have other drafty owners there.

  2. Sounds like a great place. I hope you, Bonnie and Rosie have a wonderful experience there and love it and never want to leave. It's so hard to find just the right place but this seems very nice. As for the drama at barns, there's always a little, time will tell... I always just tried to stay out of anything and mind my own business, it worked for me for the most part.

  3. p.s. forgot to say how much I like your header! G

  4. Thanks Grey Horse! That's Rosie's muzzle - I took it with my iPhone and hadn't realized there wasn't enough light. Turns out I like the picture better this way.

    Once Upon an Equine - I guess they have "barn" rides and "barn" fun shows etc. I'm hoping that wasn't just to sell the place to me. I'd already made up my mind - the idea of not having to trailer out to trail ride did it!

  5. Looks like a great place that has a ton to offer, so happy for you!! There is always a trade-off, but much to be gained & experienced at a full facility. Wishing you many happy trails!

  6. Looks like you found a great place, hope it is.

  7. Oh yea...where Have I been?
    Sounds like you found a goodie!
    What kind of footing in the arena and size?

    Trails!!! happy for you!
    Can't wait for more! Have fun!


Happy Trails!