Friday, January 29, 2010

Looking For...

Sheet / Cooler patterns. Everything I find online is $8.00 or more for pattern. Anyone know of any free patterns?


  1. I have a book that my sissy gave to me called "Make your own Horse Clothing" by Jean Perry. It has everything in it to make for your horse and pretty easy how to's...if I sewed.!!
    I just looked it up on Amazon Books. It sells for about $15...has more than 20 items you can make.

  2. Thanks for the info KK --- I'll be getting that book!

  3. Wait, I have one of those books (I think there were a couple of them anyway). Let me see if it is the one with the blankets and if it is I will mail it to you.

  4. No luck, mine is "make your own horse equipment", not the clothing one. No blankets in it.

    I do think I have a pattern somewhere, or instructions for making your own patter by measuring your horse. I'll see what I can find.

  5. Cool thanks Pony. It has to be picture book easy or I will be stumped. Sewing machine actually intimidates me.

  6. well, goobers. All the good easy links i had are dead now.


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