Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wild Side

Woke up to dim pre dawn light, drove east to work with the sunrise in my eyes, sat in the glass building watching the sun track across the sky... then FREEDOM...

I skipped lunch so I could leave work at 4, instead of 5... Was still sunshine shine'n and almost 40 degrees..

I had grand idea's of riding Bonnie. My always solid, same ride no matter what mare.

Until today...

I brushed her free standing in the isle, I even clean hooves without tying her. I tack her without tying. I put phone in my pocket in hopes of getting some pictures. Grab my lunge line and head to the indoor arena.

Man am I glad I took the lunge line... get into the arena and her tail is flagged, head is high, ears pricked. A lunging we will go...

Start her out to the right... she immediately goes into an extended trot on her toes, drops head and bucking bronco time. I'm not meaning just been a while jumping around, I mean four feet off ground, head down between fronts... bucking. Not just once... almost every time I sent her off. She'd challenge my space, stand straight at me and high blow.

It was almost like saddle was pinching or binding in some way, but same saddle I used all last fall. I finally got walk/trot two circles both ways and called it quits. I didn't want her sweating and she would have easily worked herself into that.

I then just wandered around the arena with her, corners freaked her out, doors moving just a tiny bit, blew her mind. If I hadn't of been inside a well constructed building I would have taken her behavior to mean danger and turned back... was all so very strange for her.

The good thing about todays fun and games is that I saw what an absolute gorgeous mover she is when she wants to be.

Depending on weather - supposed to snow more tomorrow, I hope to get back to the barn in the next day or two. I'll do all my grooming, tacking in the arena. I'll lunge her in the surcingle and side reins and see how she goes. If she's still out of control I'll be calling my trainer friend and the vet to be on safe side.

As you can guess no pictures... concerned I'd drop my iPhone in the excitement.

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  1. Too bad you didn't get any pictures -- it would have been something to see. But perfectly understandable that you didn't! Wonder what was wrong with her???


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