Monday, January 18, 2010

Moving Day

Sunday was the big day. I decided to move sooner then later more because of the weather... at least it's not snowing was the mantra.

Sunday we woke up to fog and rain. Not hard pounding rain but the miserable soak to your bones rain. O'well they got to be moved!

Saturday I packed up my tack, blankets, supplements, wraps, boots... How do we acquire so much and not realize it?

Since it soupy suck-your-boots-off muddy every where I decided to put the girls into stalls for the night so they could dry out and we could make them look presentable before meeting our new stall neighbors. I mean we can't be mud caked for our grand entrance!

I think putting them in Saturday was the best idea I've had in a very very long time... did I mention it was raining Sunday?

I think the girls knew something was afoot they were both excited. Bonnie was bouncing on her toes as I did 5 minutes of ground work with her before approaching the trailer. She can be stubborn about going some place she has no desire to be, but I had a trick up my sleeve.. or in my pockets! Just as she was thinking "This ramp is not safe for a horse... human yes.. horse no" I pulled a handful of oats out of my pocket and shoved it under her nose... They didn't get breakfast so she was all about following the handful of oats anywhere it went, even up that scary ramp! *Whew*

Next Rosie. What can I say.. Halter on, lead rope on. I whispered in her ear and showed her oats in my hand. She followed me like well trained dog right on up into that trailer without even a thought. *Double Whew*

Unloading.. I have to laugh. Bonnie refused to back off... actually she didn't even really want to come out at all. Her being the smaller horse the plan was off load her and open the center divider to give Rosie room to move her hindquarters away from ramp edge.

Did I mention it's raining and getting colder at this point...

Tie Bonnie back up and put the butt bar back across her side. Undo Rosie and give her the "Back Up" signal - tap my fingers on the front of her shoulder - back she goes off the trailer. Nut'n but a thing! Hand her off to my 85 LB daughter and say - stay here. At that point I'm done playing Bonnie games. Tell Jim to back her down and she's all but rearing in the trailer. So to prevent injury even if there is insult I move the center divider and let her turn around and walk off.

There will be trailer training as soon as weather stops being well... wet and cold!

We are settled in.. They credited half months board for the 20 bales of hay I brought with me which was really cool!

I wasn't able to get very good pictures .... rain.. cold... but here are the girls in their new box stalls

Rosie is curious about everything:

Bonnie would not leave her hay

It's supposed to be warmer (mid 40's) and not so wet later this week. I may just get to ride!


  1. Glad the move went well. Looking forward to seeing more of the new place and hearing how you all settle in.

  2. Love that Rosie mare, checking out her surroundings!

  3. Glad the move went well! Let us know how the girls adjust, and you too!


Happy Trails!