Monday, March 22, 2010

Awards, Conversations, and Education

First the award.  My youngest son plays ice hockey with the local chapter of USA Hockey.  Saturday evening, the local ECHL (East Coast Hockey League) hosted an Academic Achievement night for kids in USA Hockey.   A teacher has to fill out a form and the student must be on  A / B honor roll.   My son is 11 yrs old, 6th Grade and is in all Gifted Classes (about late 7th grade level).  He carries a 4.0 GPA with straight A honor roll. 

They got to go out on the ice during 1st Intermission and have their names on the big screen

Each received one of these !

Yesterday I had a conversation with the BO about Rosie.  I explained what vet had said about her weight, and the BO agreed that Rosie was too thin.  So we upped her grain and hay.   The water bucket thing ~ well if I hadn't of observed Rosie abusing her buckets I never would have believed them.  However, I personally watched my mischievous mare paw her buckets (hung on the wall) and SPILL them... THEN stomp and play in the water on the stall floor !!!  We are going to make bucket holders and get them mounted higher so she can't get her feet / knees up to them.  I'm still going to keep a very close eye on things.

 Educating Bonnie that not all things white will eat her


  1. Your son sounds exceptional -- Congrautlations to him, and to you! Love the story about your horse playing in the water...what a character!

  2. Just like in my post I know a pony gelding named Jack that would knock a black bucket over every time no matter how much or little water was in it. We stuck his bucket in a milk crate but he attempted to still dump it. This was another part of the continuing bucket experiment because he leaves his now blue bucket alone without the milk crate holder.

  3. Congrats to your son and you for his awesome achievements!!! What an awesome feeling when our kids do something so great!

    And I am so glad to hear that you talked to him and that you got things resolved!! YAY! I love a good ending to a frustrating time! Hopefully she'll gain her weight back quickly and STOP spilling her water! Little toot!

  4. Congratulations to your son and what a way to recognize his acheivements! Hopefully, you now have a few problems resolved and you can rest more easy on that front. I had a gelding who would rear up into the water tank and splash. Always when the tank was just cleaned and filled. He just loved water to play in--hoses not so much. Like a child who loves the pool but not a bath....

  5. Your son must have been so excited. Congratulation to him and you for raising such a wonderful young man.

    Rosie sounds like a character. We have one that likes to deposit manure on occasion. There has got to be a better system for the bucket to be secured so she can't spill it. Just like a kid playing in puddles, she's having fun. Glad she's on the road to gaining some more weight.

  6. ....I recognize that hockey rink! Congrats to your son. It's nice hockey recognizes academic achievement too! (Matty's in Spring pod hockey right now and Rick is coaching, but the schedule is so much easier than the regular season.)

  7. I'm so glad the talk with the BO went well. Hopefully things will be much better there. Congratulations on your son's academic award and the fun hockey night.

    You deserve an award too. There is one fo you at my blog. You needn’t play if you’ve already received this. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your blog and have linked to it at this post:


Happy Trails!