Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday's Dog Show

So the last day of the weekend marathon show was Sunday. I decided to give it another shot Sunday afternoon with Izzy in the Best of Variety class. Being that she is already a champion I don't have to do the Open classes with her prior so it's the only class we did.

I was even more nervous this time. I'm the type of person who does not go to new places without backup. I don't like talking to strangers not even to ask directions... so you can imagine how being in a show ring on display for the whole room to see can be a bit rattling for me.

My goal was to just do one thing better than I did on Saturday... Every picture I looked at that Jim took on Sunday I couldn't see too much wrong.

But first a video from Saturday... First mistake - I presented Izzy "backwards" that will never happen again!

No video from Sunday but here are the pictures:

First inspection:
Waiting for Judge Decision:

It was great weekend and I feel that Izzy that I are winners because Ribbons are not everything.

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  1. OH man I don't think I could do that!! Good for you!! I LOVE how she stays so still during her examination!! She truly is beautiful!! And yes you guys are WINNERS!!


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