Monday, March 8, 2010

I've Gone To The Dog's

I know this is a horse blog, but dogs have suddenly become a huge a part of my life. Maybe if the dog content becomes too much I'll start a dog blog but not just yet.

I'd like to introduce you to the some of the pack. These are the "boys" except for two spayed females.

In the kennel far left is Shade our champion sire. The black Tri Smooth coat is Pepper, another champion sire and full brother to my Chase. Neil is under my hand. The two whites are Cocoa and her daughter Peggy Sue, and Mocha is running in the back.

The "Girls" have a completely different building and kennel. Only Gabby came out to see what is going on. Izzy, Dot, and Sophie are inside eating their breakfast.

While I was there I decided to get Shade out and get some good pictures of him. I baited him to see if he still remembered how to stack and pose. I was not disappointed (please ignore the need of a groom it's shedding time).

I absolutely love this dog. He is one big happy go lucky Collie who loves to give hugs

... and kisses

Which gives me so much joy and great memories of my mom


  1. WOW I had no idea that you had so many!! I am glad they bring you joy!! They are absolutely beautiful!! And I'll read about them anytime ;)

  2. I think that last picture is the worlds best photo of you. Your smile there nearly matches the smile in our wedding pictures. I think I'm jealous - a little. :)

  3. Wow - what a nice bunch of dogs you have!

    That last picture is really fantastic!

  4. I'm such a sucker for the roughs. he is a stunning boy. And Jim is right, that last picture of you is gorgeous. What a smile! Go ahead and keep your dog blogs here, my blog started out as a horse blog, then a knitting blog, with gourd blogging sprinkled in and now a goat blog. lol.

  5. It's not often that I see Collies anymore. My Shelty gets mistaken for being a Collie from time to time, because he has a thyroid problem that makes him as big as a Collie.

  6. I like mixed content blogs, they are more personable. I love the hug picture, so much emotion. The last one should be framed. I'm glad you've "gone to the dogs" they help heal :)

  7. Jenn, Shade has always been my favorite of the show dogs. He is just beautiful

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

    City Girl - Lots of dogs - They all live at my mom's place where her boyfriend of 16 years(I believe it was that long) cares for them. He loves them as much as I do.

    Jim - You're always my first choice for foot warmer so no worries =)

    Laura - Thank you! .. and welcome to my blog

    Pony - most people don't even know Collies come in a "Smooth" model. Shade is very beautiful I have yet to see another with his colouring.

    NuzzMuzz - Huh.. wonder if that is a regional thing. I'll have to pay more attention. But I think you are right - I see more shepherds, retrievers, shelties and the like then Collies.

    Aurora - Thank you =) They do help one heal.

    Annie - welcome to my blog. Do you think I should show him if Mr.B would let me?

  9. It is great to meet the dogs. Horses and dogs go together -- companions to each other, so a horse blog certainly has room for dogs! Besides, we are all animal lovers....


Happy Trails!