Saturday, March 6, 2010

Toledo Collie Club Show - Davisburg, Michigan

I was talked into buying a suit and handling my own dog this afternoon.

While I made rookie mistakes and no ribbon was won....

Izzy made me look good in the end...

And I'm going back for more tomorrow...


  1. Kudos for you! Both you and Izzy look like winners to me:)
    Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful dog - good for you for stepping up and good luck tomorrow!

  3. I love blue merles, I had a female long-coat quite a few years ago. I also had a white with sable markings on her head. I had to say good-bye to her this past fall. I think your dogs are gorgeous and if I ever have another collie, it will be a smooth. So much easier to care for.

  4. Aww good for you!! Your Mom would be so proud I'm sure!! Hopefully things went better today!

  5. Thank you thank you.. and thank you!


Happy Trails!