Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Stills - Potluck

I LOVE this challenge as it gives me opportunity to show off some of my better pictures that are not equine!

I loved the green of this "Hen"...

And this guy chattered at me one day ...

Do you see the ant?

May Flies are the coolest little bugs... 

Ok... almost no equine shots...

One of the last rides I had on Clyde before my good Friend and trail buddy moved away....


  1. Great photos! LOVE the May Fly picture. You have a really good eye...

  2. I like the "hen" pic. I just like those plants.

  3. Never heard of a May fly, interesting creature. Clyde looks like a good ride. Hope you are able to hit the trails together again someday.

  4. Thanks Everyone. Clyde is owned by Bonnie's previous owner. I had wanted to purchase Clyde instead of Bonnie but he was not available.

  5. Great pics. Clyde looks like a nice horse.

  6. Thanks Jen! Hi Rising Rainbow, Clyde is the best! I don't think I ever officially welcomed you to my blog ~ So Welcome =)

  7. That May Fly shot blows my mind. I've never seen in such detail. Excellent shot!
    And the Hen shot is fun....were there any chicks, too? hehe!
    Great zoom on the chipmunk, too. And it's great to see you riding Clyde, also. :)


  8. Hello...nice potluck of photo's! Of course it all is rounded perfectly well with the equine shot!


Happy Trails!