Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nothing Worth While Is Ever Easy

.. but sure would be nice if it was..  just this once.

Little house in the city must sell before we can move forward on the little house in the country.   It's not sellers market at all, but all I want to do is to break even.

Big problem is that little house in the country is about to go into foreclosure so time is very important.

We've been working extremely hard on cleaning / organizing / purging the little house in the city.  I guess if this all falls through, at least my house is in order.

There has been some positive the past week ~ Jim is now employed after almost 8 months without work!!! WOO HOOOOO !    He's already been to training, and his official start date is this coming Monday.

*Huge Sigh of Relief*

Maybe tomorrow I will get to ride and I'll feel better about life.  If anything it will make me work even harder at making that square peg fit through the round hole!


  1. Sending good vibs your way so all goes well and you get to move to the country!!!!
    Keeping fingers crossed too! :-)

  2. I am also sending good vibes your way. My poor husband has bee horribly underemployed for almost 2 years. We would sell our place if we thought we could, but there are already so many on our road that have been for sale for years. We're just trying to hang in there.

    Hope it works out in time.

  3. Oh wow! That's a lot of stress. The whole timing thing about moving is tough. When we moved into this house, our old house didn't sell for over a year! Two mortgage payments for a year is enough to bankrupt anybody. I fired our real estate agent and hired another on a recommendation from a friend, and he sold the house in one week.

  4. Oh I hope all goes well with this! Of course you are right that at least yours would be in order! But I must add here that prayer works! When we put our house on the market 3 years ago before we bought our place on the prairie the market was BAD! And we had a contract on the 14th day to the 4th family to look at it... I definitely know after our long road to get here it was all in God's will!!

    I am SOOO excited to hear that Jim got a job! Definitely a huge relief for you!! I hope the weekend finishes out with that ride you want!

  5. Congrats to Jim, that's a good sign. Hoping everything comes full circle, and you get your home in the country! Hang in there.

  6. Yay for Jim! My John finally got a job after being unemployed aince Christmas. Only downer thing is that he has to work in Philly for the summer until a position open up here in New Mexico. It's difficult for everyone these days, so we're just grateful he's finally employed.

    Hang in there,


Happy Trails!