Tuesday, April 27, 2010


.... no go on the house.  It's on the Sheriff sale list for June.



  1. Can you buy it at the sale?

  2. Oh, so sorry! but you never know, you may still end up with it, things happen! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! :-)

  3. That is too bad....John and I are realtors, and we have bought properties at Sheriff Sales in the past. We bought real run down homes as investments to fix up and resell. Buying at the Sheriff Sale is not an easy thing to do unless you have the cash. I don't think a mortgage loan will do the trick. However, most likely no one will buy it and the lender will take possession of it. Then the lender will get a Realtor and put it up for sale. This process usually takes quite a while -- it could even be a year. So if you are still interested and can wait, you may still be able to buy it. The extra time could give you time to save up for updating, repairs, etc....

  4. Gosh darn it! I agree with J&RZ, all hope is not lost as you might be able to get it from the bank... Don't give up yet if you really want this!

  5. Thanks everyone - We are NOT "giving up" but like John and Regina state buying from sheriff sale is hard unless you have the cash which we don't.

    We are pushing forward continuing to update the little house in the city as fast as we can. We both want to get out to the country and that is our short term new goal. Everything we do from this point forward will be toward that goal.

    The way I look at this is that I'm no worse off then I was last week or last month AND my house is a bit more organized and we have a clear plan.

    Hopefully this added time will allow us to secure more conventional funding.

    It still stings though, having the dream oh so close.

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry. That is disappointing news. How does a house get on a Sheriff sale list and not go into regular foreclosure? I really think when it comes to buying a house, that things work out for the best. There will either be another house that is even better for you. Or circumstances will change so that you end up with this one down the road. In the meantime, it can be very discouraging. I remember getting so discouraged house hunting one time, that I bought a bird house because I thought it was the only house I could get. (I do like bird houses anyway). But not long after that, the perfect home came my way. Keep your chin up and keep preparing and planning.

  7. Sorry for your disappointment Jeni. You've got the right attitude, keep on keeping on - and good things will come your way!

  8. Oh bummer! I'm sorry. But like you said, you are no worse off. And the right house and situation WILL come long...and you WILL be ready and everything will just fall into place.

    Hang in there, my friend!


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