Friday, April 30, 2010

How Do You Deal With This.....

Now that the girls are finished shedding out it's obvious Rosie's weight loss is worse than I thought.

Rosie in September of 2009:

Rosie Today 4-30-2010:

First thing I noticed is her coat is horrible.  It's so dull it's almost grey.  The second thing I noticed is her hind quarters are thin. 

I tried to use camera shots taken with same camera (iPhone) and at same distance so it was an equal comparison.

I stuck around for feeding tonight.  Rosie got the 4 scoops of pellets (Premium is the brand name - I couldn't find a "label" on the bags I found) she is supposed to get, but they gave her 2 flakes of hay.... They were turned out today for about 8 hours so there is that.

I did a lot of ground work with Bonnie.  She's been getting away with trampling humans so I went back to basics.  If you do not stop when I do you will move your feet quickly... very quickly.  Then we did a whole lot of standing around, desensitizing,  shoulder and hind quarter yields.  

I choose to ride Western Pleasure today instead of Dressage.  I was very happy at how she responded, giving to the bit, and carrying herself in frame.   She needed some gentle reminders to slow it down but a few one rein stops when she started to speed up fixed that quickly.

I took some pictures before I mounted up.  She's looking like a cow horse all that western gear hahaha!

I didn't realize the sun was glaring so bad in this picture I was going to delete it but I think it's pretty cool!

.. and a shadow shot...


  1. I don't think Rosie looks bad! She appears to still have fat between the ribs which is good! The hind end muscle could just need some toning but I think it looks good! Also her color I was wondering as I was looking at her picture if she is a young girl then I read over on the side that she's 5, so it's possible she hasn't officially turned her lifetime color yet...Her coat appears to not be as shiny as before but I think it's ok! Just my oh so humble opinion ;)

  2. I don't think she looks bad either, but your comments about her hips being hollow and her coat being dull — wormy? Just because you worm regularly doesn't mean she doesn't have some resistant ones hiding out in there.

    Sorry, that's my soapbox issue these days after months and several thousand dollars spent treating Jaz for strongyles. He's 11 and has been wormed regularly his whole life. It can happen to anyone. Worth a check.

  3. Has Rosie's activity level changed? What I see in her hind end when comparing the three pics of Rosie (two in this post, and her profile pic) could be contributed in part to a loss of muscle mass. I noticed a drastic change in our Harmony's confirmation when she went from running with a large herd in an outdoor pasture with a lot of weekly work, to a pasture pet. I know she was well fed, because we fed her.

    In the photos (which can skew anything) I agree Rosie's coat doesn't look as nice. My hubby and I also looked at her pics together, he didn't think Rosie looked that different either. I do. We both agree she looks best in her profile pic.

    I would suggest calling your vet with your concerns, given the recent issues.

  4. What has changed... She went from 2 scoops x2 daily of straight oats, a mixture of flaxseed oil and canola oils. 4 flakes of quality grass hay x2 daily and 24x7 turn out, with being ridden at least 4 days a week.

    To Premium brand pellets 4 scoops x2 daily, SUPPOSED to be getting 4 flakes of hay x2 daily but their hay leaves somethings to be desired, even the vet told the barn manager it wasn't fit for horses. They are turning out about 8 hours a day, pastures are decent condition and mix of grass and alfalfa. She has been consistently ridden twice a week since she got sick. We were trying to build her back up but concerned with the slow weight gain so going slow.

    While she doesn't look "too bad" being a heavy draft I don't want her to get to the point of "bad".

    Leah I was thinking worms too. And yes a vet visit is in order.

    With Vet visit I'm going to do a fecal for worms, teeth check, and EPSM (scary).

    Further to this I'm going to change her feed to something I know the quality of and talk to vet about supplements.

    I'm seriously considering moving them again. I've been looking for another private barn which will allow me 24x7 turn out, with a stall available if needed.

  5. Well, I know that you can see the differences MUCH better than we can with photo's Jeni. She does not look too bad to me either...but like I said, you know she has changed for the less brilliant looking mare she is.
    The lack of Flax and less oats and less premium hay...would concern me too.. My mare is all shed out and she gets 4 flakes of Orchard a day and 2 of local grass....she is very lean and shiny!
    I hate it when you have questions about BO and the care..I know, I have had my share.
    You may try talking more to them, about your careful, they are touchy defensive-most of them...but make sure to have an attitude of resolve to find an answer( Pray they do too!)
    Bottom line...all horses assimilate feed different, and the care should be too.

    I would have a fecal test done on her...your local vets will do this for about $25.
    Call them and ask about it.
    I just did it for Wa mare and she is a Moderate sluffer...they then put up the years worth of wormer's for me with dates...easy peasy.

    Hang in and keep your chin up dear! Pulling for you...and your lovely Rosie...
    ooop... just looked at your response to are right on track!

  6. The dull coat would worry me. Like the others I would suspect resistant worms.

    Having to deal with BO's is why I keep my horses at home. At least I know exactly what's being fed so I can adjust what I need to for each horse. It's really hard when you have to rely on others and they're not as concerned as you about your horse's care.

  7. Only you know the true difference as you are nearest to her, of course, but I don't think she looks to bad except maybe her coat. Did you say she's not receiving her oils, oats and flax? Those are well know to add shine and gloss to a horse's coat. Can you bring that back to her diet?
    The other thing is worms, like others have said. I had Apache tested last month and she was a low contaminator. It was a relief to know so I knew what our next steps should be, though.

    Good for you in your time spent with Bonnie. I need to more of that with Apache, too.
    Bonnie does look like a Western cowhorse in those pictures, too. She's beautiful!



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