Monday, May 3, 2010

Wonderful Way To End A Day

I have decided that until I can change my current situation with my horses I will be at the barn every evening to feed and water my girls myself.   

I got a much better look at Rosie tonight and laid my hands on every inch of her.  She is lacking in muscle tone, but she feels to have a bit of fat between skin and ribs.   I'm not liking her hips, but I can't feel the points still plenty of padding.   Her coat is very dull and lacking in luster.  I'll get oil back into her diet now and ask my vet about weight gain supplements.  I don't think an "emergency" visit is needed so I've added Rosie and Bonnie to her list when she comes to the barn again in two weeks.

The outdoor arena was not sloppy but wet enough to be annoying.  I worked with Bonnie in it anyway.  Too nice of an evening to go indoors.  I stuck with sensitizing and desensitizing and giving to pressure.  She pushed her limits with me a couple of times, half rearing instead of backing because there was standing water behind us.  So I kept the pressure up until all four hooves were firmly in the water.  Then she could stop and rest!

I finished with a walking ride around the arena, serpentines, easy roll backs,  and leg yields.  Got to REALLY use that one rein stop when three horse eating geese landed right beside the fence.  Hooves and mud flew everywhere.  She stayed up right some how now sure how and I stayed in the saddle so all was good!


  1. Well Jeni, I have done that...sorry that you must too now.
    Glad the day ended so pleasantly!

    I HIGHLY recommend the "Springtime Inc."
    "GAMMA oil". Man..I contribute Wa's amazing muscle to it and her all- shed- out- coat- with- dapples in MAY! >> Like this picture of Rosie>>> on sidebar!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
    I mean really does help the endocrine system in them and internal balance.
    Go see for yourself and read the testimonials
    I have used the products the entire time I have had Wa mare...good stuff with free stuff with most orders!

  2. You rock girl!! Nothing like working a strong minded horse huh?! I am glad you are getting things squared away with her weight and body condition!

  3. Oh noooo, not muddy water - and geese too! Bonnie probably looked forward to a rest after that ride (you too). Glad you had a successful one.

    Sounds like a good plan for your Rosie. One would think the barn owner/manager would take a hint...must not feel it's part of their job and/or care.

  4. When we got Zora she had trouble keeping weight on (because she is so jazzed up all the time). Our Vet recommended corn oil in her grain -- about a cup per feeding. I would go to Aldi and buy it at a good price. It seemed to work -- she did gain weight and her coat looked nice. I know how it is about the desensitizing, too. Had to go thru that with Divna -- she spooked at everything. It is too bad you can't trust the personnel at the boarding facility to do proper feedings...


Happy Trails!