Monday, May 17, 2010

A Whole Lotta Rosie

Modeling Her Brand New Four Knot Rope Halter Custom Tied Just For Miss Pushy!

"Just how long do I have to stand here?  There is grass to eat and Geldings to boss"

"I am NOT eating the cone! I swear!"

"I LOVE my shiny coat, and my almost creased rump is OHHH so Sexy!"

"Hay!  What are you looking for in my Feather?"

"Aren't my Ergots impressive!  Oh and look at my girl's dirty dirty nails.. ewwww"

She has these lovely things on all four... Going to ask Farrier to trim them off


  1. She's look fat and sassy...oh so healthy....but not so happy about being made to pose for pictures. hehe! She's adorable!

    Apache has ergots that are quite long, too. I don't think they look as wild and twisted as Rosie's though. I meant to ask the farrier to trim them when he the week before last. Poo!


  2. WOW those are some big ergots!! Strange...None of my horses have them, but they do all have chestnuts.. She is looking great!!

  3. Brego has ergots like those. Looks like alien hatchlings sprouting from the back of his leg, lol. I trim them off with a pair of ancient hoof nippers. I wonder if they are huge because of the hair growth drafty types have on their legs...

  4. I was wondering if it was a draft thing. Actually I've never seen ergots like this before so I was startled when I first noticed them. Thought she had some sort of strange growth on her legs.

  5. OH WOW! She has increased her girth and is looking fine..that took no time to achieve grrl! Lovely!
    Oh my...Wa has nothing on Rosie... just some chestnuts!


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