Saturday, May 22, 2010

What A Wonderful Day!

Today started with these hot out of the oven then off to the barn for the day.

Today's agenda was the annual "Boarders Barn Cleanup Day" where I board Rosie and Bonnie.    I'm realizing this barn is a family type place where everyone gets involved. 

Anyway today's schedule was show up,  pick something on the to-do list and well.. do it.  Here's my son Logan cleaning cobwebs from Rosie's stall.


All the boarders bring a dish to pass and provide their own beverage.   The BO provided the meats (burgers, hotdogs, and chicken).  We had a great cookout picnic lunch sitting in the shade.   Then a quick boarders meeting going over improvements being made and suggestions for future improvements.

During this time Logan asked if he could groom Rosie because she's been put in "Time Out" in the dry lot (read mud we had horrible flooding rains yesterday) for beating up the Geldings.

Look at that BIG BUTT!! I LOVE IT!

And during the grooming:

I like this shot even if the foreground is dark, you can also see the picnic feast behind:

This was as close to Bonnie as we could get today.  She was having NOTHING to do with the busy humans.


  1. Love the grooming shot of your son & Rosie! Looks like you might have an upcoming rider?

  2. Big butts...are nice on horses! Rosie..too funny.
    I do love that shot too...Oh man..gotta get me a sticky, sweet, yummy like that for tomorrow~~~~!!!!EASY WALKER SHOES!!! I am sooo ready...rook a shot of the boot graveyard shelve today...pretty sad.
    Hope you all had a good clean up...nice to gather everyone like that.

  3. That's such a cool idea and a good way to get to know everyone better, not to mention get stuff done.

  4. That is such a neat thing to do....Bless your son for getting the cobwebs -- that is a nasty job. Love the way they turned it into a picnic for everyone.
    Logan is really cute, by the way!! Looks like he is a good boy!

  5. Sounds like this stable is turning out a-ok for you guys! I like that they did that, great idea! WOW I cannot believe how dirty she was LOL!! LOVE the pic with your son!

  6. Looks like Rosie could have been an item on that to-do list. Your son did a great job of cleaning her. That sounds like a good idea, getting the boarders together for cleaning and then making a fun pot luck out of it.


Happy Trails!