Thursday, June 17, 2010


So last Friday was very very bad as far as the back goes.  All the muscles locked up and I literally could not move.  I was being lifted to a stand.  And when I did walk I was dragging a leg.

Went back to chiro - with the goal of getting some good heat and ice therapy and a bit of traction.  I really like this chiro as he does NOT ever use force.  I was in so much pain - he didn't even 'adjust' me.  Just traction gently - continually feeling for the muscles spasms and that wonderful ice and heat treatments.  My X-rays came back from radiologist and no bulging just pinched at L5 and Sacrum.  Disks are thin there though.  Not sure what that means.

Saturday was better - not ideal - but better.  My wonderful husband made all the food that was my responsibility for Midget's grad party.

Sunday - WOW I showered.. and shaved my legs!!! Even put my clothes on myself!  But I was CROOKED lol!  My hips were visibly more left then my shoulders!

So here I am Thursday.... better but not better... I know that makes no sense.  I'm a little straighter, I can walk and not drag my leg, but still lots of muscle spasms, still lots of pain after sitting for periods, or standing for periods. I'm better than I was last week - but not enough to get back to my regularly scheduled life.

Today is my deadline to decide if we are going to make the 6 hour drive to Michigan.  My family is hosting another grad party for Midget so she can celebrate with her family.    I'm still undecided... trip is next weekend and Jim is not going with me. Just the kids so I will be driving all of it myself.



  1. It takes a long time for those muscle spasms to relax - take it easy. For me, driving is one of the most uncomfortable things when my back hurts. I've had serious back trouble for many years, and the only things that really make a difference are lots of walking, regular exercise (strengthening the core is important) and stretching, and learning some self-massage (mainly of deep abdominal muscles - those psoas muscles are a cause of a lot of back pain) from a good physical therapist. Good luck and feel better soon!

  2. Oh NO! Sweetie..I have had the draggin and crooked does take healing time and therapy will get better...but rest is the ticket. Driving about the worst thing you could do. Darn it...plans don;t wait do they?
    Hope you can rest up soon .

    I found this awesome soft tissue specialist(in between the bone Chiro) and she really has given me weeks of enjoyment in between apts.
    I have had NO pain, this last stint of 3 weeks...maybe start to make 4-5 wk apts going for the 6-7 wk ones again. Better financially so!

    Be well..and Keep that partying down- to minimum girlie! HA!!

  3. Ouch! Don't drive, get someone to drive for you.

  4. HMMM thin disc space means that you don't have the "normal" sized thick discs that you should have...That doesn't mean there is something wrong per say, cause they could have always been that way. But if you have anything to compare it to before now it might be a good idea, just to see if there have been any degenerative changes.

    So glad it's not bulged, and rest lots until you are better! Only time will tell!!

  5. The thought of all that driving with a bad back does not sound good. I think how stiff I got on my trip to Tulsa and my back was good when I started out.

    Take care of yourself. You sure don't want to make it worse.

  6. I've had some back problems years ago but not as bad as yours sounds! OUCH!!! Boy, when your back is out, spasming or just achy not good!
    Hope you get better real soon!


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