Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun.... FUN Show!

Today was the Boarders Fun Show.  It was strictly for boarders, loose rules and lots and lots of fun!  Not knowing how much (or if even) I would be able to ride I took Logan my youngest son.

First we had Trail Class.  It consisted of your normal trail class things: mail box, tarp, side pass, bridge and paper sacks.

Here is a picture of one of the other riders going through:

I rode Bonnie,  and she did very well.  Then Logan did his turn in trail classes and she did even better!  No pictures of either of these rides.

Next up was Egg and Spoon.  I remembered to hand Logan my iPhone so he could take some pictures.

And me...  I stayed in the game until she asked us to dismount?!  Seriously dismount with an egg on a spoon??

We broke for lunch - grilled burgers and hot dogs lots of fresh fruit and some pasta salads.  Not to mention a couple bottles of Water.

Next was Logan's turn at Crepe Paper Races!

Which resulted in this ... Notice the Medal hanging off the saddle?  THEY WON!

I did a slow Barrel Race - I started at a trot and ended up in a Dressage canter only because I would not let her gallop!  Logan decided to do some Pole Bending but at walk/trot.  He didn't miss a pole at all!

The day ended with a very tired boy and Bonnie mare...

I am so proud of my boy for his accomplishments today!


  1. What fun for all!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. Logan sure looked happy.

  3. Barn shows are a lot of fun! Glad the place has turned around for you guys. Never heard of a crepe paper race class, that's a good one. Priceless photos of Logan & Bonnie, what a good girl she was! Sounds like you are well on your way to mending - yay!

  4. Way to go Logan! His smile says it all! And what a sweet mare Bonnie is to help him win and take such good care of him, too. Awww!

    I was impressed with all the riders riding bareback in shorts. How cool is that?! Such a great idea to have just a fun day spent with horses playing games together.

    I love that you rode with your son, too. I hope we can get another horse for my kidlets to ride with me like that one day. How wonderful that will be!

    Thanks for sharing the photos and fun times!


  5. Lisa the girls in shorts were teenagers and BAREFOOT too! I wish I would have saddled Rosie but I was really afraid she'd be too much horse for my back.


Happy Trails!