Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News...

Seeing how I always like to end on Good Notes, the Bad News first.

I've seriously hurt my lower back.  I've opted to forgo the medical doctors and go right to the witch doc... err Chiropractor.  I want this FIXED not drugged.    He did x-rays - told me some stuff.. all I remember about it is thinning of something - and bulging of something else...   I'm on day two of  Chiro treatments - go back Friday.   I'm not grounded from riding, and know I won't have an issue mounting (I always use a block) but it's dismounting that worries me.  Not to mention I'm in serious, want to scream obscenities at the top of lungs, pain.  So going to wait until I can at least sit for 10 minutes before I mount up.

I have my goal set for the fun show at the barn at the end of the month.... And the moon light ride on the 4th of July.

Now for the Good News...

I tape weighed Rosie on Sunday and RAN OUT OF NUMBERS ON MY TAPE!   My tape is a standard Horse tape and goes up to 1900 LBS !!!  WOOO hoOOoO!  I'm slowly taking her off the Weight Gain supplements over the next month.


  1. Oh honey! That does NOT sound good! I cracked up...with the witch Dr thing..I too have a witch Dr. and a "Tickley hands specialist" and sometimes think about using a "needler".

    WOW..those goals are so far out..you really must be in a world of hurt..will be praying for you.So sorry~
    Glad your mare is right on the money with the extinct weight tape!

  2. Ouch!!! I have back trouble too and can certainly sympathize - feel better soon!

  3. Herniated discs in your back? Ouch. My mom has that, it made her feel like she broke her hip.

  4. Sooo sorry to hear the bad news Jeni - ouch!

    Lower back issues here too, huge PT advocate - worked like magic (and still does) for me.

    That's great news about Rosie. Feel better soon!!

  5. So sorry to hear about the back problem. Really not good for a horseback riding country gal. I hope it gets straightened out soon. I know it can be tricky -- my brother has had a nightmare time of it with his back problem. Saw an article on msn.com today about back problems and why some are worse than others, etc.

  6. OH girl I feel your pain....Literally! Now you be careful with that! You don't want to end up with any nerve issues, if this doesn't heal on it's own you might have to seek *other* medical care...*EEP*! I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain!! I'll be praying for you to get better!

    Great news about Rosie!! SO very glad to hear that!!

  7. Very sorry to hear about your back pain. I've been dealing with some lower back pain lately too...just got over some soreness when I took a tumble yesterday and hurt the same spot. It is debilitating and I hope your witch doctor can work some good magic. But consider going to a RD (Real Doctor) if you get any numbness in your hands etc. My co-worker swears by his witch doctor, but injured his spine with sports and had to have an RD do surgery.

    Glad you are happy with Rosie's weight. I love the picture in your blog header.

  8. Yep, my PT was recommended by my RD (spine specialist). If you end up going to a RD, request to see a Spine Specialist (I had to ask, and play the insurance game). They aren't all needle/surgery happy. A good RD will head you in the right direction, as any given treatment won't cure all. Best wishes!

  9. That's great that Rosie is gaining all her weight back! Yay!

    But not so great that you're in such excruciating pain. Yipes!

    I hope it's not bulging discs. I had two bulging discs caused by a traumatic injury over 15 years ago, and after going to a chiro, one of the bulges ended up rupturing from his manipulations!
    I was in horrible pain! And my right arm was numb! I couldn't even sit up or stand without pain.

    I went through some PT, but I was too far gone, so a neurosurgeon set me up for surgery.
    Instant relief!
    The only pain I had was from the bone sliver they took to replace the ruptured disc. I wasn't able to walk without pain for a week.
    If I could back and change anything it would be to use a donor bone instead, even though there's a chance you body can reject it.....oh and not to use a chiro.
    Chiro's have their place, but NOT if you have bulging or ruptured discs!

    Be careful, k?



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