Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Circle Of Life and Who Ordered This HEAT?!?

Well this week has it's new challenges.  My husbands mom is gravely ill and Jim's had to make some very hard decisions this week.

Please pray for Ms. Loretta to have peace and God's will is fast in this final stage of a very long, well lived life.

Also pray for Jim as he endures the pain of loosing his mom.   He's blogged a bit feel free to read his musings here: A Tangled Web

It's way too hot here to do much with the girls.  I've been thinking of going out and bathing them but the need to stick close to home seems to more what's needed of me.  Maybe this weekend.


  1. Sending prayers to all. I'm sure the heat doesn't help anything. Take care.

  2. Prayers said for your husband and his Mom, and your families.
    We're have a heat wave here, too. Thankfully without humidity, so at least we can hunker down inside to keep cool, as we don't have A/C up here and don't usually need it.
    Still, I'd love to get out and ride, but the sun feels like it might bake my brain.

    Stay cool and take care of your yourself and family this week.


  3. Sorry to hear Jeni. Thinking of your family, especially hubby & mom.

    Summer weather isn't without it's limitations, sigh. So far we are riding with the heat, just keeping it short. The mosquitoes however prevent us from riding out on the trail...

  4. Sweet Jeni girl,
    I just did send up some prayers for your man and his mom...and others around you that affect life in this delicate matter of the heart.
    I will read your mans bogging muses later, thanks for posting that too. It all can be such a relief and outlet.

    I now...bathing the mare has been what I have done plenty...she just stands there in sweet and pure enjoyment..with a glazed over eye! The bugs have been totally fierce this year.. Horn flies, nats,horseflies, deer name it-they have bitten my horses thin skinned hide!

    Love to you!


Happy Trails!