Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Progress !!

I have managed to string three training sessions with Rosie together... and WOW !!

This evening I had a completely different horse....  I groomed her entirely UNTIED!!!  just with lead tossed over my shoulder so I could correct as needed, which I didn't need to do much beyond the "hay eyes on me please" reminders.

I decided not to ride Rosie tonight and just go for a walk with her.  I did a lot of 3 steps / stop / 5 steps / stop/10 steps / stop/ 2 steps/ stop stuff.  Every correct halt praise.  Every incorrect halt = immediate hind quarter yields at my pace!  Took twice then we walked loose lead respectfully.

Directed our walk to the arena to do some obstacles... She can step completely OVER our little bridge ... I was laughing so hard at her.

Next I halted her near the gate turned my back to close the gate ~ her brain was working she picked up front foot to take a step, then put it right back down in same place !! Lots and Lots of praise and pats for that one!!!

I then asked her to back for me ... she did not walk into me this time, but didn't move either.  So sent off on the lunge at working trot to the right.  Twice around I stepped in front of her shoulder asking for a halt... she reduced to a walk but was clearly not listening.. so popped her on the rump with my carrot stick and sent her into a canter until she was begging to stop... stepped in front of shoulder she just reduced to a walk.  Sent her off again extended trot, asked for the halt and got it.

Changed direction asked for halt and it was immediate.  Changed direction back to the right... and halt was immediate...  She feels like Toddler testing all the limits!

Asked her to back first by tapping shoulder, one step, two step, three and I patted her good girl to a stop.  Asked again first by tapping then while she was moving reduced the tap to a jiggle of the lead directly below her head,  one step, two step, three step and pat to stop.  She's not running away from me backwards (which I don't want either) but it's definitely at a different pace then yesterdays attempts.

Here is Rosie happily standing still while I was far enough away to snap off a picture!

She got turned out after that and was extremely happy to not be ridden!

I rode Bonnie around the property and only did about 15 minutes of Dressage schooling.  Nothing earth shattering there.  I kept contact with bit light and used my seat and legs to do the rest.  She wasn't horribly pleased with the footing...  she's not shod and the arena needs to be dragged it's a bit hard packed at the moment.  While she's sound and has no stone bruises she is very sensitive to rocks and gravel.  I didn't push her.

While riding the property I let Bonnie choose her paths and just kept her out of the hay field.  I can tell you the B-52's stop flying at about sunset.. but then the mosquito's come out... UGH!

Look how low and relaxed Bonnie's head is tonight even heading back to the barn!  I snapped this picture just about my chest level and straight up from her withers...

Who knows I may even be able to play with my ponies tomorrow evening too!  If we have a light rain then I'm definitely going.. the flies will NOT be an issue then... I hope!


  1. Isn't it the best thing EVER~ to be in love and delighted in~ Our horses~

  2. Progress is what keeps us going. Praise, routine, reward are what keep the horses going. Good job.

  3. I love it when our horses are on their best behaviour and everything seems to just click in their heads.

  4. Your bumper stickers posted on allhorsestuff drew me in for a visit. Love the sayings.

    Mine is my Halfinger just saying my other ride runs on hay.

  5. Great progress with your girls. And like the toddler you mentioned, I think the horse is happier when it knows and respects the boundaries.

  6. Hi Gail welcome to my blog!!!

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement ~ I'm the first to admit that I'm a little lost with Rosie at times.

  7. Rosie is gorgeous!! Glad progress is there. You have your hands full...she is a big, big girl!!!

  8. Kudos to you, and Rosie. Great progress! I hear you on the mosquitos, takes the fun out of it all.


Happy Trails!