Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sometimes You Just Gotta

... Get up early.. load on the fly spray... and GO!

I talked Husband into going to barn with me this morning because I've been wanting to ride Rosie.  Why do I need Husband to do this?  I don't really but I wanted another adult there in the event of the worst.

You see Miss Rosie has not been ridden since mid May.  *gulp*  and I didn't want my first time up on her in such a long time to be without an audience!

Little Man wanted to ride Bonnie and of course I didn't say no!

So in the barn Husband groomed Rosie, and Little Man groomed Bonnie..

  I didn't even have to lift a hoof!

He even did the backs....

I think Rosie may have grown a bit more... I thought Drafts were done by their 5th year?  I'm only basing this on the fact that you can only see Husband's head over her back!

While I started Logan on Bonnie.. I always ride her first, then give him a quick lesson so he remembers his queues and one rein stop (emergency brake!)  I set Jim doing in hand with Rosie, then showed him how to lunge her.  He did really well!

Even though Bonnie neck reins really well Logan was having steering issues with her so I told him to go ahead and use the split rein hold.  But before that he had Bonnie in a trot, then kissed one more time and she went into a slow canter - his FIRST TIME!  He didn't panic and stayed balanced, held onto her mane - but forgot to stop her.   I told him "Perfect example of when to use the emergency brake!"

Please excuse the long stirrups and tennis shoes... Oh and the ice cream slipping off his cones.  We need to work on his hands.  For now keeping hands forward and out of her face is what we focus on.

Who is that on  Rosie???

All my work on myself with Bonnie's patience have really paid off.  My seat, hands, everything is falling into place.  I noticed a huge difference riding this young horse...

Played a bit of follow the leader with Little Man and Bonnie...

Getting him ready to trail ride with me... 

Little Man was all smiles...

And so was I.... 


  1. I LOVE your new blog picture. Rosie is stunning. You look great on her. Hope you keep riding her and posting about it.

  2. Wow you look good on Rosie, what a big girl she is! Great pictures, what fun, your riding partner looks good too.
    Still no riding for me the B-52's are still eating Gilly alive!
    LOVE the new header, you and Rosie look great together!! :-)

  3. Great news, I am loving this!! I wondered what was going on with Rosie. What a great family you have Jeni. It must be so rewarding to have your boys interact so successfully with Bonnie and Rosie. Your son's smile says it all. I agree with the above, you and Rosie look great together!

  4. You guys look great! Rosie is beautiful. Love the dappling on her sides.

    If your two are anything like mine, they are well behaved whenever they are together.

  5. I think it's now safe to say that Rosie is no longer my horse... :P

  6. Hi Carol ~Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your kind words, Rosie is a lot of horse but she is absolute blast to ride. I've had her for a year now and we've both learned a lot.

    Hi Jane ~ the B-52's are out here too, We braved it. And I didn't ride for very long. It's fun to ride with Logan he tries so hard, I'm lucky to have Bonnie she is the perfect "beginners" horse.

    Hi Aurora ~ Rosie was not being worked at all because of the massive weight loss, then I hurt my back... As you can see she has fully gained all her weight and muscle back =)

    Hi Leah ~ Thank you!!!! Mine are not so herd bound. Per my request they graze in separate paddocks on opposite sides of the farm. That helps a lot!

    When I look at the pictures of me riding her, I don't recognize myself anymore. I've lost so much weight, about 30 lbs, and from size 16 to 10. But then again she's such a beautiful horse she makes anyone look good!!!

  7. Oh YEA!!! Jeni girl, YOU and ROSIE look so fabulous!
    I do "just gotta go" out and matter what huh. We too are sweltering (who isn't!) Plan B and C come into play then...we love to get out in it! I can;'t wait to get into an arena situation again look so good. I am craving dressage!
    What's sis is here and I told her that..she said, "Oh, I am craving the trails!" She only does dressage and has no trails.

    Well, your little man did so well! Bonnie is great! I also loved that your husband is so adaptable..good guy that one!


Happy Trails!