Saturday, July 24, 2010

West Virginia May 2010

So before the whole hectic of what is my summer started you may remember that Husband and I went to Snow Shoe West Virginia to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary.

While it was an awesome trip it was NOT perfect... as a matter of fact time has allowed us to laugh at some aspects of it...   Like our car getting towed while on the way ... stopped for dinner ... came out and obviously the not marked "no parking" was in deed a "no parking" !!!

Once on the road again...  decided to stop for the night as we left a day early then planned.  No reservations.  Could not find a place ANYWHERE.  I'm calling hotels every top of mountain we hit until lodging was found.. still 4 or 5 hours from our final destination.

And THAT is the LAST of the Drama !!!!

Along the way there are numerous Civil War sites - we tried to find some of them... hard to do as they are marked with a flag, or granite marker.. nothing much else.

This next one was buried in the woods... but I think it's very cool that we found it!

And this was the view from Lee's Headquarters "Knoll"

We saw a few "curiosities" along the road... 

First glance looks like T-R-O-U-B-L-E 

But I promise no humans appeared to have been harmed in the above prank!

And I leave you with 'My True Self Shine'n Thru'... 

To Be Continued.... 


  1. Cool pictures. Looks like you saw a lot of history. I love that! The barn pic is a riot:)

  2. Oh that was so neat!
    So troubled in the beginning, but sounds to be and awesome sweetheart get away!
    I saw that guy hanging off the roof, on someone else's blog this year...truly freaked me out!Many folks stopped to help him too!

    Humm true self huh...I am not reading you...can't tell yet!

  3. The barn picture cracked me up! lol!
    Someone has a sick sense of humor. I like it! :D

    Great places you visited. That site in the woods was so cool!

    And I like the last picture and your 'tude! heheh!


  4. I remember reading a really funny news article about a guy whole hung a dummy from his roof and set a ladder askew like that. He finally took it down after some lady tore up his lawn racing up to his house to rescue the dummy.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your trip, despite the initial challenges. True colors always shine :)


Happy Trails!