Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oopsie Daisy !!

First I want to give my husband HUGE kudos for taking time to learn ground work with Rosie.  He is now able back her on queue, walk/halt, hind quarter yield both directions, as well as lunge.  Not bad for a City Boy!

Now on to my big adventure...  Goal was to ask for one Canter transition both directions.  I rarely, if ever ask her to canter as we are still working on controlling that trot but with a personal goal to do the English Pleasure class I have to get a somewhat consistent canter out of her so...

Walking into light pressure, then doing halt transitions.  She's very good about "whoa"  that is NOT an issue for this big girl.  I believe "whoa" saved me from serious injury today...

I made a course with ground poles down the rail on long side,  pole bending poles down the middle, and figure eight at the far end.

Working trot, rising.  She was really good about coming into contact, holding herself in carriage (I did not have a tight rein at all), her back was up, and really reaching under with her hind end.  I was giggling because she is such a trip to ride.    As she was getting tired she was getting into rushing but coming back to me pretty easily.

So the last trip weaving down the poles she got rushy at the end, tripped hard, I came forward over her shoulder, unseated as she went DOWN!  Down on her front knees and hind end came down too, then UP we went mere seconds.  Jim said she was completely down, before she stood back up.

I did not come off.. I don't really know how I stayed up... I should have been down under those huge hoofs.  All I know is I had two fists full of mane, and as she was coming up I hollered "WHOA!!".

In hindsight I did not give her head quick enough when she tripped so she could not recover.

She is not injured in anyway, no cuts or abrasions and she easily walked on and went readily back into a trot when I asked.  I simply made her walk the course again though, including over the same area she tripped.   Dismounted, unsaddled and then Jim hosed her off.

I turned her and Bonnie out for the day in the big pasture, even though they had been out all night.  I figured movement after going down that hard would be better for her then standing in her stall.

When I let Bonnie loose she turned flung her rear heels to the sky and galloped off.  She's obviously not so ouchie today.


  1. That's scary - I've had that happen before with horses and if you can keep your balance you're OK, otherwise not. Lucky neither of you were hurt.

    My (very non-horsey) husband, when I first got Noble in the late 90s, and was traveling a lot on business, would go to the barn and groom him and lunge him - he was dedicated about it and Noble was very good so it worked out.

  2. I'm so glad neither of you was hurt. Maybe I have clumsy horses, but both Savanah and Rogo have fallen with me on them. Well, I know Rogo was / is clumsy - he's still learning where his legs are at times.
    Savanah (our draft cross) tripped and went to her knees hard with Doug on a couple of weeks ago. I felt so bad for her. She was sore afterward, but it didn't last.
    It's nice your husband is getting involved.
    Hope you have lots more giggly rides :) Sounds like it was going really wel up until the fall.

  3. Oh, so glad you or the horse weren't hurt!!! Gilly tripped and went down on his knees once with me on him. I stayed on and he popped right back up but still it was scary! Gilly has fallen with me several times and twice when he was younger would lay down when he didn't get his way. He got a good crack on the butt with a crop last time he did that and he hasn't done it since.
    So I am kind of nervous when I feel a trip or stumble. Glad I have a bitless bridle cause I would probably jerk on his mouth. (bad) I think a lot of the tripping and stumbling was just being a youngster. He hasn't done that in a few years. :-)
    Be safe!!!

  4. Glad you were both ok, its a tricky thing when they go down.Glad she has such a dandy "Whoa" so you could get settled down before assesing things .Good girl Rosie!And you too

  5. Thank God your okay!! And Rosie too!!! That is always an unsettling thing to have happen!! You did great with her!

  6. That must have been quite a ride. I'm always amazed that horses can still have the strength to hoist us up to a standing position after they've fallen. Glad everyone's okay.

  7. It's good to hear that neither of you was hurt. I've been in that spot a few times and luckily stayed on too. Your husband sounds like a good guy. The closest mine ever gets to a horse is to pet them on the nose. He's not very horsey, then again he is allergic to them. So I can't blame him.

  8. Scary. So glad you (or Rosie) didn't get hurt. Good recovery! I bet the girls enjoy their pasture time together.


Happy Trails!