Monday, September 13, 2010

Breathless Smiles and Exclamations of WOW !

Words can not explain what my ride was like on Karaat.  Even at it's worst (and starting out it was bad) it was great!

I was really struggling at first as this video shows.  You will also see my diagonal is wrong more times then right.  I can not feel it on Karaat at all, and posting is not second nature to me...

I picked Karaat to ride because when you, the rider, get it right he rewards you immensely.  When you, the rider, get it wrong he will kick your ass until you get it right... and when you're right... there is that whole reward thing that makes the smile huge, the heart and soul sing,  laughter bubbling up and becoming tears...


Ok.. Rosie is a HUGE horse... Karaat is taller, over 17 hands.  He rides BIGGER for lack of better description then Rosie.  He has suspension and really huge ground covering strides...

I was very proud of myself that I was able to get him round... It wasn't an immediate thing, it took work, LOTS of work...

I worked on posting and getting him forward with my legs, using my seat to push him through and round...

You can really tell when I get tired but I'm not a quitter so on I went until I couldn't go anymore.  You can hear Jodie talking.. I LOVE HER!  Always positive with her remarks and direction.  You'll hear her saying "There! Do you feel that?!"  That's because I ride by feel.  If I can feel the "right" I take note of exactly where all my limbs are, what I'm doing.  Then do it again until I feel the "right".

 I'm very happy with my hands, Jodie even commented how much better they are.  They are now 99% of the time moving with my body, not fighting me or out of control.  You can see where I loose my balance ... it's when my hands go wild!


  1. Isn't that the most exhilarating feeling?? I love it when it comes together, even if it's just for a couple of strides, and YES, you do feel it. Congrats!

  2. What a great ride. I think you do great with your legs - they are quietly on all the time, no moving around. Not easy with a big moving horse! Also I'm impressed with your sitting trot. All of it looks thrilling.

  3. I'll have to watch the videos at work; they aren't loading at home. Glad you had a great lesson. Sounds like you absorbed a lot.

  4. You've got some good footage there. You can go back and listen in on your lessons in the future to help you remember your instructor's advice. I didn't have anyone to film me during my lessons, so I ran home and wrote everyting down on paper.

  5. Yeaaay!! Great trainer, lesson, and video's (hubby?). I bet you'll watch them over and over. I really like how Jodie keeps reinforcing what she is helping you correct, so that is all you hear and think - and therefore do. It's rare. She is very clear and kind, you are lucky to have her. I would go back to learning dressage (which I love) with her, can she come to WI lol?! Congrats Jeni, your smile and happy voice say it all!!

  6. Hi Aurora - Thank you! Yes Jodie is great! She is the most positive, focused trainer I've ever worked with. What wasn't in the videos is her riding and I critiqued her. She doesn't let just anyone ride Karaat either, and the fact that I was able to ride him correctly speaks volumes to her abilities as a trainer.

    NuzzMuzz - I LOVE the videos. I watch them over and over picking out the good, the bad, and the down right wrong !

    Once Upon - I did learn a lot. Not only that I gained more confidence in my ability to ride to that level.

    Carol - Thank you !!!! My sitting trot on Karaat is a bit bouncy especially when I got tired. My Posting sucks as it's not natural to me but I'm getting there.

    Leah - don't you know it Girl !!

    Fern - OH MY GOSH I was sweating like a pig - completely out of breath at some points. Karaat on the other hand barely broke a sweat !!!


Happy Trails!