Friday, September 17, 2010

Odds and Ends

As you can guess I've been watching the video's from Mondays lesson.. over and over.. and yet again.  Self Critique is a fine art.  An art to not beat yourself up that is..

Anyway... I see an a lot of good in the video and I was actually able to get the big guy round and through.  Something no other "Student" has ever been able to do.

 As Carol pointed out my calves were quiet and always on.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep your calves on, but relaxed?  How about doing all that keeping your seat relaxed..  It's NOT easy LOL

My posting was ok, I tire really easily posting and when I tire my hands go wild.   Beyond that ever glance I took in the mirrors my hands were out in front and correct.  As you all know I've really struggled with my hands so this is major accomplishment.  They are far from perfect but at least I know what I'm doing is helping.

So I translated what I learned from Karaat (and Jodie) to my ride with Bonnie on Wednesday.  Let me tell you it was PERFECT !!!   Right from the moment I mounted up everything just clicked.  I wish someone had been with me to take pictures.  Everything just worked.  She stayed collected through transitions, no head fling at all.  Nice forward movement at trot, I even cantered nice even and collected.    I must have been doing something right because when I started no one was watching me, when I finished my ride I had an audience of about 8 watching me.

I rode Bonnie again tonight.  The barn is a buzz with activity getting ready for the Ohio Horseman Counsel's local chapters end of the show season fun show.  She was a bit "hot" but nothing uncontrolled.  I had another extremely successful ride.

Next came Rosie.... This horse seriously tries my patience!  Lucky for me she doesn't have a mean bone in her body... she's just STUBBORN and has some major holes in her training !  Lunging to the right perfect.. Lunging to the left.. gone.  She hind quarter yielded until I was flipping dizzy.  There was a woman there who is Pirelli certified.  She came to my rescue - but Rosie even tried her patience.  She stuck with her and got her moving away and lunging then showed me.   I am making arrangements with her for lesson every Friday evening on ground work and respect.  Nothing but Good can come from this!

Then I rode Rosie... I'm so glad that HER ground behavior does not translate to the saddle!  Boy did I get comments riding my big girl Training Level Dressage !  I even cantered her one 20 meter circle both leads.  It takes an incredible amount of effort to canter her though.  I know that improved ground manners will translate to the saddle so I'm excited to see how this goes.

I'm excited for tomorrow.  I'm showing Bonnie in English Pleasure.  I know it's a just a Fun Show, but it's the first time I've competed on horse back in 25 years.    There will be pictures I promise!


  1. I NEVER understood posting a trot. I admire anyone who can discipline themselves to the fine points of riding and "equestrian discipline." I am just a trail rider. So whatever you do is miles ahead of me!!!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I'm so happy to read that you transferred your ride with Karrat to Bonnie. And that you found someone who you want to work with on Rosie. You are doing amazingly well.

  3. Somehow I knew you would be watching those videos repeatedly ;) and transferring lesson's learned onto your own horses - that's great!

    Most horses that are stubborn (aka strong willed) learners at first, are harder to initially train but turn out to be the rock solid horses. Looking forward to hearing about your Friday lesson(s). Keep doing what you are doing, it will pay off.

    Good luck tomorrow, remember to have fun :)

  4. Gosh I just LOVE to hear about all of the progress and great things you are doing!! WAY TO GO!! Can't wait to hear how the show went!!


Happy Trails!