Sunday, September 19, 2010

Heels Down and Toes In - Horse show Pictorial

Saturday was a beautiful day for riding...

After the Color Guard finished their ceremony I warmed up Bonnie...

This is the horse I started with...

She was VERY excited at all the activity.. snorting - blowing...  I was laughing at her!  But she calmed down with quiet work and I finally got a decent canter.   Head still a bit high but not fighting me anymore.

I LOVE my form in half seat!

Then it was time for the judging to begin.   This class is English or Western Pleasure.  Horses are judged on their manners, performance, quality and conformation.


And the walk... 

My wonderful husband was not able to get any canter pictures.  Left lead was great!   Right lead she didn't pick it up on first queue and went into a counter canter.  I switched it with-in two strides, but Judge was watching me as she asked for the canter.  O'well !

The line up...

There are seven of us out there.  I am the only adult but I don't care.  You can just see Bonnie's white nose just under the neck of the horse with her nose in the air...

We were asked to back... no big deal for Bonnie or myself as she backs off a leg queue.. notice the loose rein.

The suspense is killing me...

There are 7 horses and 5 ribbons...  and I got one...

2nd Place !!!!!

Even though this was an "end of year fun show" I still feel like this is a major accomplishment.   I even had tears as childhood memories rushed in of my mom at the rail telling me every time I passed "Heels down and toes in".

Mom it took me 25 years, but I finally got my heels down and toes in!


  1. That's so cool - congrats to you and Bonnie!

  2. Oh jeeze. The last line made cry. Congratulations on your ribbon!!

  3. Good job! You two look really great. Wish I could get my heels down and toes in, but I still struggle :)

  4. YAY!!!! I am SO very proud of you!! The look on your face with that ribbon says it all!!! Now I can't wait to see what you get to do next year!!!

  5. Way to go. You know in Canada red is first place right? :P

  6. Congratulations to both of you...nicely done!

  7. Very cool! I missed this post somehow! Congrats on the ribbon

  8. Love this post. Congrats Jeni!! I am sure your mom was with you, smiling at your heels down and toes in!

  9. Oh man! Oh man! Oh man!!! Hip Hip Hooray for you and Bonnie! I'm thrilled for you! So happy!

    Love that last photo. And the suspenseful photo, it looks like Bonnie is also feeling the same way as you...her ear cocked on you to tell her if she gave a good performance. She had fun!

    You just made my day! I wish I could give you a great big ol hug! Yay!


  10. Yeah!!!! That's awesome...this is your first competition, right? To take 2nd is quite an accomplishment.


Happy Trails!