Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Loose Horse... On Purpose

"Hay Mister, Your Horse Is Loose !"

 Yes, that IS Rosie... NOT TIED TO ANYTHING... Standing NICELY !!

Even with... 

Me Riding Bonnie (bareback) ALL around her!!!

Rosie stood there in that spot for at least 30 minutes!!!  Even when Jim walked away from her she stayed there.

You will notice a bit of sweat from the saddle.  I promise I did not work her until she was too tired to care.  I had THE BEST ride EVER on her,   Jim even said he can't tell how I'm steering or stopping her any more !!    

There was a course already set up...   going to center line, weave through 5 cones, with about one step between each, halt in the middle of a box,  move on to ground poles set up to step over each stride, figure 8 around barrels then down straight line.  I warmed both of us up, then started slow, guiding through each area.  Walked the course until Rosie no longer needed to be guided through each step, then moved into a nice working trot.  Amazing rhythm.   

My only complaint is on the straight she tried to run through my hands, power through me.  I nipped that in the bud with as small of a circle as she can do at a trot until she became soft again, every time she would push her head down, off into a circle we'd go.  Didn't take long for her to figure out that powering through my hands is uncalled for.

As soon as she did one full completion of the course at nice steady rhythm without powering through my hands I hoped off and untacked.  


  1. ...Rosie's such a good girl...yeah!

  2. Thats the way to do it. Most riders just pull and pull and before they know it they have horses that won't stop and ignore their aids.

  3. So nice to hear of these happy, and VERY productive sessions!!
    Yep...looking foreward to applying the same principal soon..."bore 'em with the details!
    The circle details...do work particularly well!
    Rosie a smart mare with a smart riding partner..good on ya

    Thanks for your sweet comments....it'll get better...working on it and soooooo looking foreward to starting over. Just somewhat pensive...people always think they are doing right by you...but they sometimes -do right by themselves.

    The new BO, I go to, is sensitive and positively professional!
    Riding the arena through you....at present

  4. What a good girl Rosie is! Glad you have made great progress with her.

  5. What a good girl! Sounds like she is coming along brilliantly!

  6. Fabulous!! What an accomplishment! It is so great when things work out, especially after a lot of hard work!

  7. Awesome Jeni!! You've made such great progress with her! Is hubby gearing up to ride her someday?


Happy Trails!