Sunday, September 26, 2010

Renfaire ~ A Knightly Adventure

Lords, Ladies, Knights, Jesters...   And TURKEY LEGS !!

... and Tall Pirates

.. and Lords a Waiting??

... And  Drunken Lords ??

.... Dining Horses (Percheron, American Cream, and Shire)

... and Shining Armor

.... and a Helping Hand !!

... Talking "Horse" with one of the Best

This gentleman I can not say enough about.  He owns/trains all the horses used in these games.  They are ALL rescues from kill auctions!!!!  He is a Knight in my book!!!


  1. I can only imagine all the work (and fun) that goes into this event. Love the last photo!

  2. What fun! We are going to make it to our Ren Faire this year. It looks too festive to miss!

    Amazing about all the horses being rescues. I agree, he is a knight in shining armor in more than costume!

  3. How fun! I always enjoy those kinds of shows. Love the horses, love the food, love the costumes.

  4. Oh man!!! Thanks for posting these. As you know we had to miss Ren Faire this year because of helping the injured horse. And we love Ren Faire!
    So at least we still get to enjoy some if it through your photos.
    And I love the Knights jousting! Woot! Last year they had to cancel it at our Ren Faire because one of the horses died from colic...sad.
    That Knight is wonderful for giving some forgotten horses a second chance.
    I wonder how often he falls off? lol! It looks like his armor has quite a few dents. hehe!

    Oh! I SO love Ren Faire! The costumes, music, people, horses, music, pirates, fairies, dancing, food...everything! Sure wish I could have joined you!
    But I'm glad you had a great time, too :)


  5. ...that is so cool, and how wonderful that all the horse have been rescued! I need to get up there this year. I would LOVE it!

  6. Hi Lisa ~ Very sad a horse died from colic at your renfaire last year. The two knights I photographed are the top two heavy armor jousting knights in the world. And they performed like it. Our joust is real - the lances are solid wood not scored or anything. The Knight on the ground being helped up was un-horsed twice during our show, but not hurt. Was very great to watch! His horse was amazing. As soon as he lost his balance that horse stopped dead, from a gallop !!!

    Kelly you need to!! Jim and I will be going again... We love it!

  7. Loved the pictures. Looks like there is quite a crowd. What a wonderful story that these horses are all rescues. He is a knight in shining armour.

  8. very cool and also AWESOME of the Knight to rescue equines!
    LOVE your last photo... they look like a nice bunch.


Happy Trails!