Monday, September 6, 2010

No Goals - Just Cruising

Dear Husband surprised me this morning by asking if I'd like to go see my ponies?!?!  Well like DUH !!!  So off we headed to the barn camera in hand this time!

It's been about 3 whole weeks since Bonnie's had someone on her back, and little less then 2 since I've been on Rosie so I didn't go into this with any goals except to stay in the saddle!!!

Rosie had way too much "Git" in her "Go" from the moment her halter went on her, so her and Jim immediately headed out of the barn to work... and work.. and work.  Lots of in hand and lunging.  At one point she refused to move forward instead was doing hind yields, but Jim stuck with it and got her going where he wanted.  I'm very proud of my city boy husband, he tries very hard and doesn't give up.

Then up I went... We had no halt and steering was like leading a toddler away from a toy store so all I did today was basics.  Halts, cruising, and steering.  At times I was leaned so far over to the direction I wanted I wasn't in the saddle more, but she got it.

Pretty head up, but she is a bit behind the bit.. she did lot of playing with contact  and I just kept my hands in one place...

And this one is a moment of perfection.  My head is up, Rosie is bending around my inside leg and she is forward with rhythm and light as a feather in my hands...  We had several of these moments!

And then there is Bonnie... Washing Machine gaited today... in her defense today is the first time she's been ridden since her bad trim job.  She is not lame in any gait, not tender footed on gravel drive and her sole is flat.  I'm having her shod next time farrier is out.

Today I did not want any contact with the bit unless she did it, I just wanted forward... I rarely got it.  She was seriously short striding, or rushing..

And better... but notice how far forward my hand is?  Bad on my part...


  1. Jeni, sounds like you had a good day with your ponies! Great pictures, love the second one, good job! :-)
    We went to the fair today so I didn't ride, but did all last week and they were good too! yippee!

  2. Sounds / looks like you're doing really well. Great pictures.

  3. Good work with both.I am seriously in love with Rosie!

  4. I always appreciate it when someone takes pictures of me riding, because so many times I think I'm sitting pretty (or correctly), but once I see the photos it's easy to pick myself apart. I often see straight arms in my pictures, so find myself checking for an elbow bend while I ride. Sounds like a good day.

  5. That last pic looks like a nice soft moment.

  6. AWESOME!!! So great that your Hubby did that for you!! Glad you got to just have some plain ol riding time!

  7. What a great day Jeni!! Gotta love that hubby is so willing to go to the barn, and working with Rosie. Love the pictures.

  8. Glad you got to ride your girls. Great work with the poles. Misty & I have been doing that too and it helps a lot with us both getting our aids in sync. Looks like you had a nice day and its beautiful there with all those trees in the background.

  9. Hi Jane - Weather's been perfect for riding hasn't it!!!

    Carol - Thank you

    Hi FernValley -- She is very pretty isn't she!!! She makes even me look good on her back. Actually I'm learning a ton with her. She is good and broke but didn't know anything. I know that sounds odd, but I can, and have done everything imaginable -- even rode with a white plastic table cloth tied around my neck like cape. She didn't bat an eye. BUT She had/has no clue on certain things, like steering off the seat. You can direct rein her no issues. Rhythm is getting there, and standing still has been a tough battle but she's learning quickly.

    NuzzMuzz - I have video of me riding Bonnie but it's HORRIBLE... husband even captured me almost falling off (giggle)

    Rising Rainbow - yes it was finally. She is a brilliant horse to ride 98% of the time. The rest is like today was - choppy, short striding on the front, washing machine gait.

    CGTCG - I love when Jim comes with me. He does really great on the ground with Rosie and never complains about heat, dust etc.

    Aurora - Thank you!!!

    Once Upon - Where my boarding barn is it is very pretty. I use the pole bending poles for steering, I also have ground poles and barrels set up at various places. It sure beats just going around in circles!


Happy Trails!