Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Woman's Junk...

Turned into other peoples treasures !

Thursday after a stack of 18 gallon gray rubbermaid totes fell over in my basement, I decided that I'd share my junk...

Husband set tables in the front yard Friday evening and my sons and I proceeded to drag everything we could possibly carry out of the basement, into my mini van.   I drove the van across the yard and they unloaded the totes by the tables.

With their help I unpacked a standard doors length and width, two card tables, and the dining room tables worth of stuff...

STILL had stuff in totes - all are "How To" craft books, and magazines.  All the magazines have the patterns in them, never been used.

Several boxes of old verizon cell phones, two different sizes of complete model trains, two computers.. just stuff!

We managed to sell about $500 worth of our junk...  and still have enough to drag off to the Flea Market next saturday.   Really all that is left is the arts and crafts supplies and I figure the only way I'm getting rid of it is go someplace like that with it.

We plan on filling our trailer with stuff though the week...


  1. I SOOO need to do the same. We packed three houses into one when we moved here - not pretty. Good luck at the flea market.

  2. I can relate to having a lot of craft materials that I never have time to use. It seems every time I pick up a hobby, I have to take a full-time job and the hobby sits on the back burner. I'm hanging onto my crafts supplies, though, because hopefully I'll be retired before I know it. $500 is pretty good. People in my area are so poor that I usually end up giving everything away for free. When you see a family of 10 struggling to come up with $5 to buy something they need, you just hand it to them.

  3. that is great to eliminate the junk...if only i could get started! found your blog from paint girl and i am close by in wv!

  4. That is exactly what I should do. Not only do you get rid of junk, but make a little money, too. It would certainly make John happy -- he is a minimalist. he would like nothing more than to open every closet and cabit and drawer we have and see them empty....

  5. It does feel good to unload "junk" !!

    Hi Kitter Keeper! Welcome to my blog =)

  6. Yea !!!!!!
    Funny how satisfying it its to unload stuff!!!

  7. Although I always find it hard to part with stuff, the "unchaining" is glorious. I'm slowly-but-surely doing the same thing. Good for you!!


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