Friday, October 8, 2010

Knat on an Elephant or Small Human on Large Horse?

My daughter surprised me today by saying she had time to come riding with me.  It's been a year since she's ridden and Bonnie is a completely different ride then she was then.

We groomed and tacked up in the outdoor arena and I put her up on Rosie while I warmed up Bonnie.  Told my daughter,  just walk and you can direct rein to turn don't bother trying to get her to move to your weight.

See my daughter is small .. and I mean SMALL... 5 foot tall and 80 pounds.  She's almost 19 years old.   She had no chance at all when Rosie decided she wasn't having any of this "work" stuff and pushed though the unlatched, but closed gate.  My daughter bailed, landed on her feet and never let go of the reins and spun that 2000 pound 17 hand tall draft horse around and back into the arena.  I had to commend her for landing on her feet when she bailed, that's one tall horse!

She did some leading work which helped but wouldn't get back up on her.  She did however ask me to show her what I've worked on with Bonnie, so I did 20 meter circle at working trot light contact and Bonnie pulled her back up, reached under with her hind and went into contact on her own.  Did hind yield from centerline to rail, then pushed her up into an extended trot full contact. The halt off seat.

Daughter was very impressed.

I took Rosie and mounted,  Daughter got up on Bonnie and I gave her a lesson.  I was laughing though because while Bonnie would move off the leg and all transitions were perfect, she just would not turn off my daughters seat.  My daughter was turned correctly, head, shoulders, hips, step into the inside stirrup and move your seat bones over to that side.  She was practically hanging off the side to get Bonnie to turn.

She eventually got and did full walk / trot / canter even a small jump.

I really miss riding with her and told her so.  We are going to try to hang out every Monday after I get off work.  Even if she comes to my Karaat lessons.


  1. Your daughter needs some lead weight in her pockets so the horses notice her! Glad you got some nice time together

  2. OHHH so glad she landed on her feet!!! Sounds like good mother daughter bonding time! I hope your weekly date works out!!

  3. LOL, Glad she did land on her feet, Perfect Mom/daughter time!

  4. How totally great! Your daughter sound s very savvy...loved her dismount to correct and that she thought so fast!
    I hope you two do ride more!
    Loved this!
    K K


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