Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again

Dear Husband, Little Man and Myself went to the Renfaire again.  Husband and I went dressed in our Pirate garb...  As we were leaving Jim said "Hay let's go saddle up the horses!"

umm.... ok...  bend my arm *giggle*

So with out further a-do, here are some very poor quality photo's taken from a cell phone by my 11 year old son BUT it's proof that Jim rode Rosie first time since last fall !!!

We played a little Follow-The-Leader:

Little Man snapped this one as Bonnie spooked in place - I was trying to find what she was so interested in...

Very proud of my husband he did very well !!


  1. Haha! Love seeing you guys in period clothing on the horses. Matty is standing over my shoulder as I read this and thinks you guys look great!! (He also chuckled at the name of your blog...). Was just a bit hot topped at 90 when I was driving to hockey.

  2. Great costumes, I miss that part of ren fairs!

  3. Way to go hubby!! You guys looks great together on horseback, with your costumes on.

  4. You guys look awesome!! I see more Rosie riding in your husband's future:) It's a shame the horses couldn't go with you to the Ren Faire, they complete your costumes... you could have told them that they were your props, lol!


Happy Trails!