Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lesson Monday ~ Moved to Tuesday

Today made lesson 3 on Karaat.  If you remember the first lesson a month ago Jodie kicked my butt right into shape and I walked, albeit cowboy style, away with lots of new things to practice with my girls as well 'mind ride'.   Then my second lesson was a lunge line lesson working on balance and seat last week  

Today I learned all about Dressage terms and Patterns.  I learned both Intro A and B this evening.   Terms like "Track Left at C (or right)" and "Change Rein Working Trot M - K" were really confusing me.   I mean "change rein" ??  Reins are in two hands.. what's there to change!?

Well I learned soon enough - just go on the diagonal.

I did EXTREMELY well with Karaat tonight.  We were round, oh about 98% of the time.  I had issues keeping him forward so a crop held in my hand changed that attitude immediately.

First time I've ever done a REAL 20 meter circle and what that really is.  I have to remember to push Karaat out into the circle with the inside leg and one step on the rail at B and E.

I also took 5 minutes and did walk / trot transitions getting that darn posting thing down right.  Karaat takes such a HUGE stride when he picks up trot that he always knocks me off balance.  You have to be "rising" when you ask for the trot to get the diagonal right immediately.  

Jodie had to remind me to always Trot/Walk/Halt transition, don't Trot/halt transition in this test because it's more advanced. Also she had to warn me to NOT SIT THE TROT AT ALL ~ again that's considered more advanced and I will get lots of points taken away.   Oh.. don't hind or should yield on the diagonals...  *eye roll*

Beyond that I'm glowing as I did far less fighting him into contact, and a lot more riding my ride.  It felt really REALLY REALLY good.. no, wait... GREAT !



  1. Sounds like a great lesson .And so excited for you on Sunday!Good luck , take a photographer!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the lessons. Have fun at the show!

  3. Good luck showing! Sounds like you had a good lesson and had a good time too.

  4. What a great learning opportunity. You're going to ace your Intro A and B! Keep us posted.

  5. ...you're definitely 0 - 60 in seconds flat! Good luck Sunday and have fun at the show!

  6. you are becoming quite the equestrienne!! Best of luck to you on Sunday -- I am sure you will do great. Looking forward to eharing about it.


Happy Trails!