Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Horses in Quarantine

Another horse started showing early symptoms of Strangles Friday morning and was immediately moved to "Quarantine" barn.   He was vaccinated with my girls so now I'm getting pretty worried.

I went out Friday after work with Jim and we checked both of our mares over carefully.   No nasal discharge at all, and I very carefully and thoroughly felt each lymph-node.  They both were very happily munching on hay and wasn't too pleased with me interrupting dinner, but such is life.

The first horse to get Strangles still has pretty large lymph-nodes and is still coughing.  Vet said to still keep her away from the others.  The abscesses have stopped draining and are healing up.


  1. HAng in there , as I said before your horses are young and healthy and even if they get it would likely be just fine.There is an old "cowboy "school of thought that basically says ,"let 'em get it when they are young ,and get it over with " the theory being that once they have had it they are immune.I have never tested that theory but it does put a slightly different spin on things

  2. Oh, that is scary! I have never been around anything like that, I have always had my horses at home. I hope your two will be fine and not get sick. I too would be worried, hope all this passes soon and things get back to normal at your barn!
    jane and gilly

  3. Good news is most horses survive strangles just fine, although it's not pretty when its happening. I had a mare who got strangles when I was a teen, and she survived and lived to be a great horse for years thereafter.

  4. That is a worry. But I've also heard the school of thought re letting them get it young. I'm sure most people wouldn't chose that, but not the end of the world.
    I was very interested in your comment to me re young horses. Thanks for telling me. I find it very puzzling, but maybe it's not uncommon in young horses.

  5. I hope you end up dodging this bullet!

  6. Oh dang it all...that is too close for comfort. Praying for healing of the 2 horses and safety from having to, for yours!
    Hang in there...this will pass soon, I hope.

    Feel badly for the 2 that are infected, and the are they?

  7. Hang in there. Keep checking them each day and make sure you bleach everything/take your clothes off right away after visiting the barn and wash them so you don't accidentally spread it if there are any bacteria present. Yikes.

  8. We've had a couple of good freezes the last few mornings so hopefully this helps kill off the bacteria.

    @ Everyone, I know it's not fatal, but talk about a real PITA ! I'd rather dodge this bullet right now. Trying to save for trip to California in 4 weeks and a vet visit is not in my budget right now. Obviously I'll do whatever I need to though.

    @ Sydney, I've stopped all lessons on Karaat (different barn), and cancelled a trail ride with my trainer since the first out break.

  9. Glad your girls are still symptom free. I hope they avoid this snotty bug.

  10. Hang in there Jeni, you have reason for concern. Hoping nothing further comes of this outbreak, especially for your sweet girls.

  11. You're doing everything you can. Fingers crossed that they'll skip the whole thing and be fine.


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