Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm hoping my riding hiatus doesn't have to be all winter.  Just this short break.. about  a week now, and my back is considerably less painful doing most actions.   I've started stretches and crunches on my yoga ball to build up the muscles again.  I've really enjoyed reading about everyone's fall riding and am riding vicariously through you all.

I haven't done much with my mares either.  Just checking for illness and keeping halters and leads sanitized.  I washed blankets and waterproofed them in the event they need to be used.
The mare at the barn who has strangles is getting better, and her owner has been awesome.  He's been out every single day to clean her stall and take care of her so that the barn manager doesn't have to do it and risk contamination with the rest of the barn.  The other horse who was thought to have come down with Strangles appears to not have it.  In addition to him, there is one other gelding and an older mare who have same symptoms as him.  Snotty nose, temperature between 102 and 103, lack of appetite and cough.  Vet said he believes this is influenza.. one of the many strains.  Good thing is a couple of days and they appear to be getting back to normal.   It's always something isn't it... 

In other news.. 

We have been busy making arrangements for our trip to California for Eukanuba National Dog Show.  Hank double qualified ~ both the Grand Champion title AND being in the top 25 of his breed/variety.  Last check he was the 19th top Smooth Coat Collie.  This is so exciting!   He's also going to be a father for the first time.  Puppies are due around first week of December ( I think).  This will be his first litter he's sired and we are hoping the puppies are as nice as he is. 


  1. That's really good news that the other horse doesn't have strangles. Also that your back is feeling better already - a very positive sign. I find if I stick with my crunches it keeps the back pain in check. My chiropractor taught me specific crunches and they really help.

  2. Good that your back is improving , but don't push it ,I know frorm personal experience once you really wreck your back, it never completley comes normal again.Yay for Hank and good luck

  3. Thats good news. Ever heard of spinal decompression therapy? Helps for all sorts of back pain.

  4. Good news all the way around! Glad the recovery is going well at the barn. Puppies? The puppies are coming! Sweet!!

  5. Glad the back is feeling a bit better, and that the strangles episode may be winding down. Good for that owner for taking such good care of the horse!

  6. ...good news the illness doesn't seem to be spreading. The show will be here before you know it. So cool...

  7. That's great news about the barn and your horses...and your back, too. And even more awesome news about Hank! Congrats are in order! I can't wait to read about the California trip, too.


  8. Great news about Hank. I love Collies! Hope your back continues to improve, back pain is miserable.

    Looks like you're probably going to be fine with the girls at the barn too. Glad to hear there are no more cases of strangles.


Happy Trails!