Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How We Got Here

This weekend is the huge Eukanuba National Championship Dog Show and I've been asked by Eukanuba to blog about the experience.  In return they have graciously provided my husband and myself press passes to all events!

Thank You Eukanuba !!

I thought I would share with you, my wonderfully attentive followers, how to get invited to this great show.

First you have to have an AKC registered purebred dog - un-altered.  You teach this dog to stand correctly per its breed, pose and look cute.  Collies stand square, fronts even at the shoulders, and backs even at the hocks, and they are to show a happy expressive face.  You must also know how to correctly groom the dog.

Once you get the dog trained you then can enter the dog in Confirmation shows.  The dog is to be judged based on breed standard.  Your dog gains it's Champion title, that is the CH before Hank's registered name:

GCh. CH. 5 C's Dreams Come True

To get the Champion title you dog must earn 15 points at AKC dog shows.  Points are earned by defeating other dogs of same sex and breed in classes held specifically for non-champions.

Once your dog gains it's Champion title you can continue to show your dog to earn more points.  These points go toward the Grand Champion title.  This is the GCh. in Hank's name.  Grand Champion points are given at the judges discretion and are based solely on breed standard.  It takes another 15 points to become a Grand Champion.

To be invited to Eukanuba your dog must attain Grand Champion status, or be ranked in the top 25 of their breed or variety of breed, or win a Best In Show, or be a National Speciality Winner,  or Bred-by-Exhibitor Champion, or Amateur-Owner  Champion.  Hank is ranked in the top 25 of Smooth Collies, and earned his Grand Champion title.  

Stay tuned as next posts will be made from Long Beach, California !


  1. Very interesting how they get to the show. And impressive that you and your dog are there! I can't wait for the next post...
    Enjoy every minute of it.

  2. Dobbie and I were already disqualified by the end of your first sentence. lol!

    Reading the qualifications sure makes me realize just how much work, skills, time, energy, and money go into showing dogs, though.

    I'm even more amazed that I 'know' a dog who is in the top 25! Go Hank!

    Can't wait to read/see more. Take photos, please?


  3. Wow, Jeni!!! Pretty impressive stuff! Like Lisa said pretty cool to "know" a dog who has earned a Grand Champion going to a BIG show!!!
    A lot of blood, sweat and tears to get where you are now.
    You go Hank!!! Good Luck!!!

  4. Congrats...and how exciting!!!! Are you going to wear one of those little hats with "Press" in the brim? I can't wait to read about what goes on. Best of luck to Hank and you!


Happy Trails!