Friday, December 3, 2010

Sight Seeing

Today I had Hank duty.  I wanted to be sure that Lorie and her husband had some time to do some things here without having to worry about Hank so I took him for the day.   

We saw these a lot:

                 Tail Lights:

And several of these really LARGE guitars up and down Sunset Blvd.

We thought we found Superman in here:


Hank said he wanted to check out the beach
First he just stared at all that water

Then I got him to play

Since Hank thinks he's some big star now going this this huge show he thought it'd be a great idea to sniff other stars.   Since most people take offense to dogs sniffing them, and we don't know where the stars live anyway - we took Hank to the Walk Of Stars in Hollywood.   We found one of my all time favorites:

And someone told Hank that Rin Tin Tin and Lassie were there... We only found Lassie

To end the long day of being tourist dog he joined me on the hotel bed for a Collie snuggle

Tomorrow the Eukanuba show starts.  It's split between Saturday and Sunday.  Hank does not show until Sunday.  I will be attempting to see some of the other invitationals like Agility, Obedience, and Dock Dogs.  There is also a question/answer thing with a AKC VP I will try to attend.   

Again a huge thank you to Eukanuba for our passes into these events!!


  1. The pic of Hank by the Lassie star is priceless.

  2. WOW I cannot wait to hear how it goes!!! The pictures look so fun on the beach!! SO jealous here~~!!

  3. Oh wow! I love this post,seeing your photo(you are adorable!)...and handsome Hank, too. And I love the new header. Too funny. I first thought Hank was a fancy rug/blanket! lol!

    Yes, the Lassie and Hank photo is perfection! Maybe you could have it enlarged and framed and give it as a gift to Lorie and her husband. hehe!



Happy Trails!