Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ring Side Saturday Night !

So here I sit ring side at Eukanuba part of their Social Media group.  A very small group of "civilian" bloggers who have been chosen by Eukanuba staff to cover this event in our own unique ways.  I'm having one of those "Oh Shit" moments.. you know the ones of "I can't believe  xxxx"  Yah that's me right now !

There are actually several different things going on here; there is the AKC World Challenge, Bred by Exhibitor, Agility, Obedience, Dock Dogs.
I can not even put into words how amazing this is.   There are dogs from all over the world.  The best in their nations.  

My view as I blog tonight!

Eukanuba World Challenge Opening Ceremonies...

All the entrants come in, Owner with Dog and Handler with country flag:


Siberian Husky:

Rough Collie:


Lined Up:

Candid shots.. waiting on judging:

The "Pick" each "group" the judge picks 3 to move on to the World Challenge Finals:


  1. Looks amazing. Love the pictures. Glad you're having this wonderful experience - very cool!

  2. What a thrill! How exciting! I don't know how you managed to blog or FB while watching. My eyes would have been glued to all those dogs in the ring!



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