Friday, December 10, 2010

Walk In The Park

First of all - I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who's posted such kind and loving comments on my last few posts.  I've come to think of all of you as dear friends.  Silly I know, but I tell you guys my thoughts and feelings and expect nothing in return.  That's what friendship is, right?

Today was a treat.  My daughter showed up at my office at about 1:30 this afternoon asking if I'd like to have lunch with her.    Well of course, so we jetted out to Subway and got a footlong Club to share and took it back to my office.

Sitting there chatting with her with the sun streaming in, I decided to take two hours vacation and leave early to hang out with her for a bit

From there we went and got my new car cleaned (opps didn't tell ya'll about that did I).  A few weeks ago I went out and bought a 2008 Hyundai Tiberone.  It's a sporty little thing that gets a Ba-gillion million miles to the gallon. 

When I got home I grabbed Chase and Logan and we headed to the local metro park, Winton Woods for a walk.  They have a nicely paved 2 mile loop that we hoofed at a fairly brisk walk.  It's a balmy 30 F degrees sunny and light wind so as long as you were moderately moving it was comfortable.  (apology for photo quality.  Low light and cell phone don't mix real well)

Chase really wanted to go play with these ducks sitting on top of the very light ice on the pond..

They are a mixture of wild Mallard, Wood and Domestic ducks that people turn loose after those fuzzy yellow things grow into poop machines.

Logan took a couple of pictures of Chase and I.  In this picture he stretched out to far.  Any farther and he'd be falling over in the middle!

This is better.  He almost looks like he is Show Dog.  Except he was so focused on those darn Ducks I couldn't get his head up where it's supposed to be. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Aunt Jen ur dogs are beautiful but i have a question what is the huskie male or female? I'm looking for a husky pu for the fiance let me know love u lots

    Love Always


  2. HI Dustin, Devil is a male. Unless you live someplace with a fenced yard - fence 6 foot tall, and buried 3 foot deep, and have LOTS of time (couple hours a day) to devote to training I would not recommend getting one. They are escape artists, self thinkers, problem solvers and DOMINATE dogs. They are extremely destructive when bored, I've seem them chew siding off a house. Without proper training they get aggressive and mean.

  3. Wow! Im so far behind. You've been catching up on postings, eh?

    I love Chase. What a handsome dog.
    Good for you taking some time off to spend with your lovely both look like sisters!
    Nice to take a brisk walk, too. Something I love to do as well.

    Enjoy your downtime from the dog show. :)


  4. It's nice you got to spend time with your daughter and take a walk. It looks cold. Chase is a very handsome guy.

  5. I just found your wonderful blog thanks to the Petblogroll. I see you're a fellow Ohion - we live outside of Toledo. Nice to meet you and all your great pets and horses.

  6. What a great way to spend the day! Taking the vacation time makes sense -- sometimes we just have to do those things.....they are very important. Congratulations on the new ride!


Happy Trails!